Best male sex toy

Hi all. I am looking at getting my husband a new male masturbator I was looking at getting him a automatic one something different. I was looking for ideas and if anyone as tried one and would give me some honest reviews before I get one.

Thanks you


Whilst not a reply to your question( but to the title ) butt plug or metal cock ring

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Being honest, having spent a lot on ‘male’ toys, I’ve always been left disappointed. Mainly as they cost so much and not enough bang for your buck so to speak. But without doubt the best toy I’ve used is my wife’s magic wand. Consistent and mind blowing at times. D


Definitely a good wand does the trick…

Or Pamla hand and her amazing sisters :joy::joy:

I will suggest a couple of toys that I use and enjoy using, it is however difficult to recommend a particular toy as what one person may like another person will dislike.

I find these to be great to use, as said they may not suit everyone though :upside_down_face:


I’ve been lucky enough to test a number of sucking and vibrating male masturbators but my favourite by far is the simple hand held Fleshlight Quickshot.

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I agree with @rockstar, a Fleshlight is about the best type of toy. The automated ones can be good but it’s the feeling of the Fleshlight that makes it a consistant winner for me. Of all of the automated ones I have used this one is probably most frequently gone back to as it is simple: Some reviewers have said it is too small and I can see this being an issue if he is much over average girth at the head.

To add - I have a Fleshlight Launch (automated device that moves the Fleshlight to the movements in a porn film) and rarely use that these days, too much of faff for most sessions.

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You cant go wrong with Fleshlights. I would recommend the STU for sheer pleasure. The flight if neutral anatomical entrance is preferred. And then the quickshot for size and convenience.

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I’ve got a Tenga Flip Hole, which feels pretty awesome but I honestly don’t use it too often because while it is relatively easy to clean, I don’t like having to leave it out to air dry. I also like that it’s a bit more discreet looking than a fleshlight.

So I think I would agree with what @KinkyCoupleLD said, and probably recommend a wand vibrator. It feels great for solo play and as a bonus you can both share it too :wink:


Can’t go wrong with a fleshlight.

Fleshlight girls, there is a lot of them.

Get a wand (if you don’t already own one) and this. They’re fantastic. Just add lube!


Hey Jamie,
If you get him a fleshlight I’m sure he will love it. I only recently found the delights of a fleshlight and only regret is not getting one sooner. Good luck

+1 to fleshlights, and would also recommend a shower mount! I find the more I can go hands-free the more I enjoy it personally and that might be a great alternative to a fully automatic toy…

The other two I really love are:
Lovehoneys own Thrust pro Layla - great for missionary
Utensil Race Zhang Xiao Yu - this one can’t really be used hands free but is unbelievably realistic and gives mind blowing orgasms.

Oddly I find most of the pleasure is created by using a hand in masturbating so maybe consider a stroker instead of a self doing one :wink:

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I highly recommend Fleshlight Flight Pilot for manual or Desire Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator for semi-automatic.

Anyone have anymore feedback on the Octopuss solo? I’ve been eyeing it for my husband, but with the hefty price tag I’d like to make sure he’ll like it :joy:

Like @KinkyCoupleLD said goes for me as well. I’ve spent $$ on high end toys that were disappointing. For instance, the recent Autoblow machine. It always comes up on top of the list for machines but I was really disappointed. For $200 I was hoping for more realistic feel, and it’s already not working right :confused:.

Then again, all guys are different, so what might not feel good for me can feel could for another.

What I keep in mind as well when reading reviews, think of it as to movie reviews. There’s movies I’ve thought were amazing but has terrible reviews. So don’t always go off reviews totally.

Oh and after reading this thread I’m pretty sure I need to go order a fleshlight to try out :rofl:

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For me this has to be the best male sex toy. Kept me company during many an evening. So good even the wife is jealous of her.