Big Birthday COMPETITION- Week 2!

Hey All!

So July is my birthday month and so in the spirit of the occasion I have decided to do a big giveaway event to say thank you all for being so welcoming!

I have a variety of products sitting sadly on a shelf, unable to find their forever home after being opened for photography!

So this is where you come in! Each week I will ask a question and two of you who answer it will get a special treat in the mail!

This week I want to hear your best sex/sex toy/ Lovehoney Limerick!

I even had a little go at writing one for you!


There once was a girl from Lovehoney

Who thought she would write up a funny

But it was quite hard

Since she wasn't a bard

Turns out shes not very punny

A prize will be available for my personal favourite, but each account that comments will also be entered into the prize draw.

Label your post COMPETITION ENTRY. All conversation welcome, but only posts started COMPETITION ENTRY will be used as your limerick. All posts without COMPETITION ENTRY will be entered into the random prize draw (once for each account).

If you have any questions let me know! Have fun!

Oooh. 🙂 How many limericks can we enter?

Just 1 can count as your main entry, but you can enter as many as you like for fun ![smiley|20x20](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif "smiley")

COMPETITION ENTRY! Once upon a time, I was a bit of a prude Considered all manners of sex incredibly crude Until the day I was introduced to a special toy That made me feel things I’d never felt with a boy Now as a lover all toys, check out all the goodies I reviewed!

COMPETITION ENTRY There once was a man named Doug Who liked to use his butt plug But during one play The plug went away What a bad day for poor Doug


There once was a man called Andrew

Who fell asleep in his canoe

While dreaming of Venus

He played with his penis

And woke with a handful of goo

I had to google what a limerick is (I learned something today!) but I'll give it a try. Feedback is welcome, but be kind to this noob! ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

There once was this girl who one day had a dream that maybe she was gay She had sex with a girl Which made her toes curl So then she sent her man on his way


If you're looking for fleshlights or really big dongs

Lingerie, vibrators, anal toys and strap-ons

Lovehoney's the place

For your sex-toy craze

They've got everything for vanillas, for subs and for doms!

Competition Entry:

There is this website called Lovehoney,

Which makes me wish I had more money,

From dildos to whips,

And lubricating dips,

It always leaves me feeling more sunny.

COMPETITION ENTRY On the website know as lovehoney I accidentally spent all my money My boyfriend was mad But I said don’t be sad I just bought us a new bunny

I met a nice girl Gilly Who loved to take my willie At first she thought toys where funny Until I bought her some from lovehoney She now owns more than most A great sex life we boast For years we gilly I carried Now 23 years later were still married

Competition entry We all love lovehoney, With a brown box surprise, Whats in it this time, Maybe a buzzing prize, I'm dressed up my new outfit, Oh I am the prize, What a kinky new outfit, His eyes are open wide, Oh but so much better when he is inside, The evening goes on, Toys by our side, Can't go to bed now, The morning has arised, Quick tidy up the kids would be very surprised!


A couple called Mr & Mrs Ted,

Would try anything once in bed.

Dildos Rabbits & Wands,

Of which they are very fond.

To give them O's & get sweaty & Red !!!

COMPETITION ENTRY There was once a girl from Madrass That had a magnificent ass You probably think It was soft and pink But was gray, had ears and ate grass :)

COMPETITION ENTRY On days when I’m left all alone I can play with my toys ‘till I moan It’d be such a joy To win a new toy There’s so many I’d still love to own


There was an old man named Jim, Who indulged in a bit of E-stim. In his power hungry desire, He touched a live wire, And now has a permanent grin.

COMPETITION ENTRY! Now I'm a girl who adores Love honey, I always end up being one very happy bunny, From vibes, dildos, whips and bondage gear, These are all fun things, that you will find here!

One for fun. 🙂

There was a young lady called Brenna

Who, if I slipped her a tenner,

Would tell everyone lies

And hand me the prize

By pretending I was the winner.



If a bike rider seems too elated

First euphoric, than seemigly sated

I suspect that her seat

May be vibrating heat

And that she and her seat cover mated