BIG Butt plugs and Dildos- do you like a good stretch?

The one lovehoney sells is titanman intimidator is a great training tool, I would recommend getting that one

Yes! I love a challenge.

My current is a large doc Johnson one from LH.

Currently working on my 3.5 in buttplug. I am so close to finally inserting it, the stretch is absolutely amazing

I do like a good stretch. Been into pegging for over a decade now and wife has an 8x5.5 inch strapon she will use on me from time to time. I like it because it nice slow and deep. After I am all stretched she likes to use her fist. We don’t do it all the time but when we do I love it.

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@foreb we have this king cock dildo, and you are in for the ride of your life. We love it so much. But makes sure you have a lot of lube. :grin:

I got around a 16-inch circumference homemade butt plug, made from a motor bike innertube, built a few over the years… But for a treat i got the Ace of Spades from LH for a go…

Yep, can finally manage to take it and definitely fun; but can’t take to much of its length, so I’ll ride the king cock then this hand pops right in and that really does the job.

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I too have this, but it is way too big for me, can’t even get it anywhere near inflated, probably only a 1/4 of the air needed. But it does give a great stretch.

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I really struggle to take anything over 4 inches in circumference, tried everything but just won’t happen

Currently the largest butt plug i have is 4.5 inch in circumference and needs a lot of lube to insert

For those at the small sizes its taken me 30+ years to get to 24" circumference or a whole fist there it takes a LONG time to get to the bigger sizes

24 inches !

I like a long dildo over girth - cannot see any pleasure in wider and wider stretching your anus - however it’s good to see the men do like to be stretched- I may discuss this further with my husband