BIG Butt plugs and Dildos- do you like a good stretch?

I really struggle to take anything over 4 inches in circumference, tried everything but just won’t happen

Currently the largest butt plug i have is 4.5 inch in circumference and needs a lot of lube to insert

For those at the small sizes its taken me 30+ years to get to 24" circumference or a whole fist there it takes a LONG time to get to the bigger sizes

24 inches !

I like a long dildo over girth - cannot see any pleasure in wider and wider stretching your anus - however it’s good to see the men do like to be stretched- I may discuss this further with my husband


Did you mean radius?

Had to double check but its definitely circumference, widest insertable part of the plug

I mis typed that 14" not 24

Not in the butt, i barely handle the smallest dildo or plug.

But i love a nice girthy dilfo to stretch my pussy.

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I love a good strech off my pissy the girthy the better where did you getthe dilfo lol @Loopylou

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I have a few

Some from LH and i think my OH got me the shane diesel dildo from a store in the US lol

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I have the big plug, great prep for going bigger

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It’s amazingb, I just bought the Doc Johnson American bombshell triple ripple

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Very impressive