Blended orgasms

I’ve been together with the lovely Mrs LurkingNewbie for over 12 years now, and only a couple of years ago by changing couple of things in our routine discovered the joys of blended orgasms (for her), combining clitoral stimulation (which she requires to reach orgasm first) and vaginal penetration, which result in a more intense and longer-lasting orgasm. Sometimes the timing is a bit tricky so we don’t manage it every time (we use condoms), but when we do, she’s glowing for long time afterwards and always gets a good night sleep too. Have bought a LH mini-wand recently so will see if that helps us achieve this more often.

Anyone else made similar discoveries with their partner? Since we discovered this it’s made sex more intense and fulfilling. I’m interested in exploring male equivalent (with prostate stimulation) - she massages my balls and taint though hasn’t gone any further yet. This does make my orgasms more intense afterwards and I do feel pleasant sensation back there though doesn’t quite feel like full blended orgasm.


Back when my wife participated we managed for blended orgasms several times . But not on a regular basis . I dream of prostrate milking and a blow job . I might pass out , but would be willing to risk it . :star_struck:


Something of a holy grail for lots of women!

I can do it solo with a bullet and a vibe / glass dildo. It takes a long time but it is pretty much guaranteed and worth it.

Multiple clit orgasms with OH using his fingers, or oral with a bullet. Still trying to figure out the blended ones - probably because I’m busy joining in whereas by myself I can turn inward and focus. Totally different technique. The closeness of being with him, and the feeling from penetration is not to be underestimated, especially after the aforementioned 3-4 climaxes.

100% my favourite thing ever! I’m obsessed. I guess my top advice/thing that I’ve found has worked is trying to focus on what’s needed for the G-spot orgasm as for me a clitoral orgasm is easier/quicker to achieve. When I get there it honestly sends me to space!

Orgasms from penetration alone
My post in this thread may or may not be helpful for G-spot suggestions - there’s loads of other helpful advice from others there too!

I would definitely encourage you to explore how you can have your own blended orgasm too! P-spot is the obvious option but there are a number of different erogenous zones (these are different depending on whether the person has a penis or vulva). For example, some people are able to have a nipple orgasm! I would definitely recommend trying different things out to see what gets you off!

If you do try out exploring the p-spot then I would probably say start with a finger first and use lots of lube! And keep reapplying throughout! I would also recommend trying a butt plug (you could do this yourself first without your partner if you’re worried about introducing it yet) - although a butt plug won’t necessarily hit the spot it will help you get used to that sensation if it’s something you haven’t tried before. Then there are a number of toys available that are designed specifically for reaching the p-spot on Lovehoney so I would definitely have a gander and see what takes your fancy!

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G-Spot and Cervical orgasms (associated with areas around the cervix, like the A-Spot or Anterior Fornix typically) are quite different apparently.
There‘s a great book on the whole subject of female orgasms (female ejaculation optional) available on Lovehoney:
Female Ejaculation and the G-spot by Deborah Sundahl

The P-spot stimulates the Prostate gland.
This is a very similar organ to the Skene’s gland that is stimulated during G-spot play.
Blended orgasms for ladies or gentleman?
Well worth a visit! :yum:

I think I’ve never had a normal one then because I always have two modes of erm stim … in and out if you get me… is that blended ?

Blended Orgasms are stimulating the clit & your g spot at the same time :heart:


Then I almost always have blended

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This is an interesting thread on different types of Orgasms, probably explained better than me :heart:

Are vaginal and g-spot orgasms different?

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This thread‘s a pretty interesting read too:
A how-to guide to squirting- hope it helps

I’ll be having a read of the links tomorrow!

For me, there’s nothing better than watching your other half’s face when they’re experiencing intensity of a blended orgasm. Mrs Lurking Newbie had one the other night - started with clitoral orgasm from plenty of fingering (including some light anal stimulation) triggering powerful blended orgasm from PIV sex.

Sometimes the timing is bit tricky for us, but definitely find just concentrating on fingering/teasing her immediately followed by PIV works, though trying not to come myself from watching her experiencing her blended orgasm takes lot of self-control and bit of practice - trying to get right balance of enough powerful and deep thrusting for her at the critical moment but easing off little bit so I can stay hard for duration of her orgasm which can last quite a while when it’s a blended one.

Also intrigued to read of techniques for those who can experience the joys of blended orgasm without PIV sex - using toys, etc.

After a couple of unsuccessful recent attempts where we couldn’t quite get the timing right we managed a v long and intense blended orgasm for her last night. We had a fair bit of foreplay then I was inside in missionary for few minutes before I asked if she wanted to touch her clit at same time as I was inside. This did involve me having to keep still for a bit to enable her to touch herself, but I managed to keep hard throughout on this oaccasion.

A bit of dirty talk helped get her over the line for clitoral orgasm and then immediately I thrusted in deep to a nice rhythm triggering her vaginal orgasm. As we’d had sex the previously day I wasn’t feeling over-sensitive and knew I was in no danger of coming too early myself, so was able to pick the pace up and move in bit deeper and faster. After a good two or three minutes of constant intense orgasm (at which point it normally finishes for her) I asked if she was still coming, and was surprised she still hadn’t finished so I had to keep going bit longer - felt like near 5 minutes in all and probably the longest its ever lasted.

Will try and replicate again though it’s not always easy to achieve it - it’s probably once every month or so when we manage and sometimes happens when we don’t expect it.

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Often easier with toys than with a partner - the holy grail for many!

Easier with toys I reckon, I’ve made her squirt a few times especially in the doggy position and other positions that we like I can stimulate her clit while thrusting inside at the same time and am certain she’s had a blended orgasm a few times but until now, if am being totally honest. Hadn’t heard the term.

There you go, even at *cough…52. Still learning new stuff about women’s bodies. :grin: