Bras... which one are you???

I did look and did post on a bra thread but dont think its the right place! and i did do a search, but i didnt reall answer my question, so here it is!!.. i was watching the comedy show on bbc 1 on saturday night, and she was talking about how do you put bras on the 1st kind being putting it on then doing it up behind you, 2nd doing it up at the front then twisting it round. Now apparntly these are the only two kinds... but someone did a 3rd which was do it up and put it on... which in all honesty i do... and yes my bras fit fine!!! So which one are you.... and are there any other ways??????

No other ways that I know of! I am the first kind, put it on and then do it up behind me x

great question i ,m num 2 do it up at the front then twist it round xx

Definitely a doing up behind the back one. I didn't know the other kind existed until one of my ex boyfriends told me he'd never seen a girl do one up behind her back before (?!) and apparently most of my friends do the front then twisty one... weird...

Im a 1 or 2 do both x

I am 3, I do the bra up then put it on.

MasqueradeMinx wrote:

I am 3, I do the bra up then put it on.

i thought i was alone then lol x

xxxxchelzsxxxx wrote:

MasqueradeMinx wrote:

I am 3, I do the bra up then put it on.

i thought i was alone then lol x

Lol nope. If I try and do it round the back it takes ages to get the right hooks... Sometimes you miss one, sometimes you get the wrong row... grrrr I cant be bothered with it!

I'm number 2, do it up at the front and twiddle it round to put on. Not sure i could manage to put it on round the back!

I have to do them at the back, because I feel much more comfy if I can shoogle them into the cups before sealing everything in place. My boobs don't get supported so much as holstered in place and trapped. ^_^

I'm 2, I do it up at the front then twist it. round. Can't do it up behind my back, my hands get confused and mess it up!

I'm number 1 but i got a small breast !

I do it up at the front then twist it round most the time.

wist injurys are not good for trying to do things behind your back, and neither is dyslexia lol!.

I only take 'em off...

WandA wrote:

I only take 'em off...

Haha I love this answer!

My girlfriend's a number three.

I put it on bring both clasps together infront of me and position my fingers where the correct eyes are then do it up from behind. Ive never tried doing it up at the front and twisting it but my oh does. I keep meaning to try it but old habbits die hard!

I'm a number 1 - I'd never even thought about there being other ways!

What an eye-opener!

I'm a one, most times the same as MC, again I have small breasts and gangly arms.

I put it on and fasten at the back. The "normal" way

I did do number 2 when I first started wearing bras though.


ha ha, i saw that comedy show too! I love that woman, she is so funny and i just love her accent, i could listen to her talking all day!

I knew about the 1st 2 options, but i had never heard of the third, when she said about it i was pissing myself laughing! I had no idea people really put them on like that! I may have to go and try it later.

I put it on and then fasten it at the back.