bum or boobs?!

Ok.. For a bit of fun... What turns you on more.... Bums or boobs?
And which do you love to flaunt the most?

I flaunt my boobs the most since they are a decent size for someone my shape but I really do love a curvy bum! (probably because i dont have much of one lol) xx

I love my wife's boobs. And I flaunt my bum as I don't possess a pair of boobs myself.

I am a greedy boy and I want both .OH ok so I have pick one, bum only just though. My wife has a fine pert posterior.

Boobs, and then more Boobs. Nice arse is great, but .... Boobs

Oh PP... Just coz I say Boobs/.... doesn't mean I mean BIG ones hun.. Sorry hun.

I mean womens boobs of ALL sizes.. Some of the hotest filmstars there are, or have ever been, have a small cup size.. Please don't feel unflatterred!! Promise I would love your Boobs As well !!!

Honey, if a girls dress won't stay up..... is every guys fantasy :-) Go Commando top and bottom I say !

Believe me PP big isn't always better, big boobs head south alot earlier ! Please don't feel you're any less of a woman because there are loads of men out there who like petite women :)

Love both, boobs more probs haha

Love to wear tops that show off my boobs

As Wildflower says, big boobs head south quicker! Mine are 34G's and whilst I'm happy with them most of the time I'd love to be able to wear skimpier bras or strappier tops and to be honest, I often feel self conscious going braless, even just round the house.

My bf is a bum man predominantly but he says he loves my boobs too because, well, they're boobs!

Variety is the spice of life - some like bigger, some like smaller, most aren't fussed as long as they can have access, lol!




i love a tight butt on a man but i flaunt my boobs i have a 34 h if you got it flaunt it

Pinkie Pie wrote:

I don't really like threads like these. I have no boobs and then there's people saying how great boobs are, and it makes me feel inadequate and less of a woman than I already feel.

I can't flaunt what I ain't got.

On a lighter note, I have an unusual eye colour which shows more when I've got eyeliner on. So that's my strong point.

Just because you have small boobies doesn't mean they aren't sexy! Not all blokes like larger ones :) I wish mine were smaller :(

Obviously on a man I like a bum (man boobs not so good haha)

I am a bum man and I'm happy to have a fiddle with a pair of boobs as well...

Bums all the way!

On a man I like a nice spankable bum :)

I like my boobs and my bum, I can't choose which I prefer lol

I like wearing skinny jeans to show my bum off and when I'm in the mood (which isn't often) I like to wear a nice tight t shirt.


Yay for vodka! You do have a nice bottom though! Yay for that!