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Butt plugs are a bit of theme in my toy box, and I'm always in search the *perfect* plug.

What's your idea of a perfect butt plug and why? Size, shape, features etc?

For the most stimulating plug I've tried is the Domestic Partner Nighthawk
formally known the patriot. 7" x 1.25"

Sadly I can't wear this for very long. For when I want to wear a plug for longer I use this one <3

Fun Factory Bootie.
Its smaller than I'd usually use, but its still very stimulating and won't pop out when you bend over, sneeze or cough! >.<

I've got the Tracey COx beginners one but it's too small. I also have the doc johnson big pink softie but it's too big. Goldielocks here wants one that's just right! So sizewise between those two. I like the softness of the doc johnson one. I'm very tempted by the FF one ancafe mentions, looks good and I love FF. I think having a suction cup is a useful feature.

im looking for something 2-3 sizes up from the doc johnsons large plug if you guys have any recommendations

although my favourite butt plug is a jello rocket shaped number which is about ready to dissintegrate from use!

Hi MsB. The Doc Johnson you mention is 2.5 inches wide. I have a Falcon extra large plug at 3.5 inches wide. Will that do you? :-P

I've not yet found my perfect butt plug - still searching, and enjoying the trip. To be ideal it would have to be rippled and chunky, starting at about 1.5 iches wide with undulating ripples increasing up to 3 inches wide at the flared base, and a total insertable length of about 6 or seven inches. As far as I know it doesn't yet exist...

The closest I've found so far is a Target Practice Sub Mariner, which I already suggested to Lovehoney as a new stock item. It's really good to use!

thanks bbg
incidently was it yourself that had the profile pick of chap with large beads over his back, and if so...what and where from, they looked fun!

Hey everyone...I dont know if this is the right forum for this question but you all seem very experienced with anal play. I am semi-new to anal play and I love it...love the feeling of fullness but I want a plug that I can wear for a longer period of time. Does anyone have any suggestions on something that I can wear for a longer amount of time.

Hi MsB - yep, that was my previous picture :-D

You'll find the beads here >>> http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2968

Hi Hokiepokie

Have a look at the Tantus Ryder >>http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/orgasmarmy/anal-toys/tantus-ryder-silicone-butt-plug/reviews.aspx

I use this one and it is fine for all day use if you want.

I've just bought this one which is rather good! Loving the undulations.
(Unfortunately it isn't stocked by Lovehoney yet)


Hi Gyrator53,

Thank you so much for the suggestion...but where do you buy it??

Thanks again for your help

Hokiepokie you can buy the suggested one here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=9608

I see LH seen to have discontinued it. However, BedroomPleasures.co.uk seem to still have it:- http://www.bedroompleasures.co.uk/sex-toys/Anal-Toys.1/Butt-Plugs.19/Tantus-Ryder-Electric-Blue.4664.html

What do you lot think is the most important feature in a butt plug? Personally I don't mind too much if it stays in easily or not - I'm more concerned about it being a good shape to give you pleasure on the the way in and out. I prefer a gentle taper that starts medium and gets really challenging towards the end. I enjoy a really good stretch :-D

Do people honestly go out with plugs up them all day long !! l find it hard to take !!!


The Chase Hunter butt plug and the butt plugs in the series that Gold Dreams put out are amazing. The Gold Dream series has plugs ranging from 3.5" (8.9 cm) up to 5 inches! (12.7 cm). They're all very well made, soft but not too soft, sturdy and the proportions are a perfect fit! The 4.25 inch one is the largest I can fit: But I think the series is great for those who want to keep on moving up in size as it steadily increments in .25 inch intervals. I also don't like them to be too long because I can't take large ones very deep and having good suction on the base as well as having a firm sturdy base is a must.

Chase Hunter: http://www.bigsextoystore.com/cgi-bin/edatcat/BTSstore.cgi?user_action=detail&catalogno=FXB04XLB

Gold Dreams (4.25"): http://www.bigsextoystore.com/cgi-bin/edatcat/BTSstore.cgi?user_action=detail&catalogno=GD7500C

I thoroughly enjoyed using butt plugs when I first ventured into anal play, but havent really bothered since I realised I could do wonderful things with my ass!

For those of you who are experienced with their anal adventures....do butt plugs still do it for you and do you recommend I add them to my toy box again?!


Strapon it all depends what you want from the plug. Some would have you believe they can whack a Three Bangs up themselves get dressed and still go out on the buses all day. Nope l don't believe it either. Others go for the smaller items and engage in solitary vice- yep even done it myself.

But when used in a twosome or moresome then you can have fun. I am currently looking for one that l can relax and know it will not drop out during some heavy duty action, will need a plug of sufficient size to lock it in.... anyone know of one?


I've slept with a 5"/1.8" diameter plug in, i did when i wasn't even 18!

However, the nJoy large plug has served me well, it's pretty good to drive with, and walking ifine providing your lube dosn't dry out! I tend to use silicon and water based lubes (ID Glide/Millenium) if i'm expecting to keep it in for more than an about half an hour.

I don't think i could do drive a car with the 3 Bangs Jr in, even standing up with that in is a serious struggle for me!

tallboy247 wrote:

But when used in a twosome or moresome then you can have fun. I am currently looking for one that l can relax and know it will not drop out during some heavy duty action, will need a plug of sufficient size to lock it in.... anyone know of one?


Surely the important thing is that the blug thins out enough towards the base so things contract and it stays comfortably in without wanting to pop out.

Very much a novice and want to learn for you experts tb.