Can’t find my reviews from before

Hi All
Can someone please help i am having trouble finding my reviews from previous purchases can anybody explain how to find them as can’t see on my account

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Hi @Firebilly the site is having some issues that are being looked into. There will be better answers than this but thought I would say

Thanks for the update

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You’re not the only one I believe. I have also checked some products that I know I have recently reviewed and the reviews I have done are missing. I even confirmed this by checking the first ever tester item review I dont and that particular product has no reviews against it.


Hi @Firebilly - Brenna has created a thread designated to missing reviews, if you are interested :blush:

I’m not sure if I’m just remembering it wrong, but I’m like 82% certain that I reviewed this plug set? I can’t find my review on there so maybe I didn’t. I used to delete my reviews after they went live from my computer but I’ve tried to salvage and save some after the site got updated and our profiles went. That’s the problem with having so many toys and reviews - kinda lose track of them :sweat_smile:

I’ve had a scout on the wayback machine, but it doesn’t seem to have caught it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe a bat signal may help? @Lovehoney_Brenna

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Yep, definitely reviewed it! I can’t find it on the new system though :tired_face:

I’ve asked for it to be added :slight_smile: Do you want me to message you the review content whilst we wait for it to be added? @Mint-Monster :slight_smile:

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@Lovehoney_Brenna If its not too much of a pain in the bum, would you be able to dig my reviews for the mantric pebble and mantric bullet out of the archives please? They seem to have gone AWOl when everything got switched over and the way back machine didn’t catch them sadly.
Annoyingly theyr the ones everyone asks about too :laughing:

@Green_Eyed_Girl I can’t see them in the archives :thinking: Do you know the rough date you submitted them?

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@Lovehoney_Brenna I got the Bullet in feb 2020 and the pebble jan 2020, so probubly a month or two after that :confused: sorry, cant remember the dates i reviewed them sadly.
If they have vanished into the ether in a major way i could just bite the bullet and rewrite them. They are older reviews anyway (so not my best to be honest)

Thank you for looking for them, i really appreciate it :heart:

Thanks for checking that for me @Ian_Chimp @Lovehoney_Brenna

Yes, that would be great. Thank you :relaxed:


One of my recent and probably the longest and most perfected reviews also went missing, It sent through but never got a confirmation email for it :woman_shrugging:

What date/site did you submit the review on? :slight_smile:

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I submitted it on the lovehoneyau site, I can’t recall for the life of me what date it was but it’s ok now. I have rewritten the review and I am happy with it :slight_smile: :heart:

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