Can you think yourself to orgasm??...

Hi all!

Just curious to know if anyone else is able to make themselves orgasm by thought alone?

I've managed it three times now. I find it very fascinating (and very enjoyable!!!) and am working on perfecting the technique.

The first time I discovered I could do it was when I was 'spooned' behind my wife in bed, and I started thinking about an orgasm. I concentrated on the feelings that an orgasm creates, and within seconds, my heart was pounding and my breathing was fast and deep. I was now getting the feelings stronger and stronger (and my wife woke up saying 'what on earth are you doing'!!)

I then had what I can only describe as a 'dry' orgasm. Much stronger and much more intense than a normal orgasm. Strange thing was I had no erection at all. Not even a 'semi'!!

Once the first dry orgasm subsided, I continued the thinking and ended up having two more dry orgasms. On the fourth time I actually ejaculated. Much, much stronger and much more intense than normal, and very, very pleasurable!!

I found that thinking 'sexy thoughts' didn't help, I just had to concentrate on 'thinking' and concentrating on the feelings that you normally feel in your body when orgasming.

I also found that any manual stimulation, touching or moving, actually 'put me off' and made the orgasm harder to achieve.

Multiple, very very intense orgasms without any form of stimulation!!

Has anyone else done this??? (male or female - I'm a bloke by the way!)

My wife is finding it very novel and amusing!!!

whistles nonchalantly.

Wow! I don't think I have heard of anyone doing it by thought alone.
I have had dreams where I have been having an orgasm and woke up feeling as though I had actually come.

Enjoy and keep on coming x

Wish i could

OMG I wish I could do that! lol x x x x

Wow never heard of anything like that, it would be interesting for some scientists to do a few experiments and find out if that really can be done!

It really can be done!

Tried again succesfully last night. It takes a lot of concentration, absolute full body relaxation, and absolutley no distractions.

Took about 20 minutes this time with first orgasm being extremely intense and 'dry', then intense ejaculation on the second (still without erection)

The physical effects are much more intense than when having sex or masturbating. My heart beat is so fast and hard that my whole chest and head pounds if you know what I mean. My breathing also is much heavier and faster.

Have been searching internet for more information on this, and found that people into yoga and tantric stuff can do this.

Give it a go guys, it'll blow your mind!!!

Start off laying on your back in the dark, eyes closed, then completely relax every part of your body. Then start thinking and concentrating on the feeling in your groin and genitals. Start feeling that 'tingling' you get when you normally get aroused, and concentrate on bringing it out. But, don't move, keep you body relaxed and don't touch yourself

I think the secret is to totally relax, don't try 'tensing' to force it. Concentrate on the feeling that starts developing. DONT try thinking 'sexy' thoughts as this just seems to hinder the process, even if it may bring on an erection. If you do it right, your breathing and heartbeat will increase very rapidly, and you will feel the orgasm build up in your prostate and if you keep on you will orgasm!

WET Dreams are back in my life before it had gone just had the feeling of me cumming and wake up but nothing,But its like im a teenager again YaY

Wow, haven't managed that, but once orgasmed through one hell of a kissing session before, just kissing and nothing else! I was quite baffled and it has never happened since!

I cant make myself orgasm by thought alone but i can get pretty close! Without touching i can feel like im just about to cum, but cant actually tip mys elf over the edge without touching!

dont think i will to be able to acive this the wind can just go up a few knots and i get a erction :-(

Hmmm...yes it is possible. I can do it with no touch at all and I can come on command too.

Nope! That would be amazing though! I've orgasmed through having my boobs and nipples stimulated before and that was surprising enough! x

This would be an amazing skill!!

I've come very close on the few occasions I've tried

I've managed this on a few occasions! Only when I am alone though because it means less distraction! It usually takes me at least half an hour of constant relaxation and focus, but it is possible when I'm really horny.
Like others have said, try to focus on the sensations of orgasms and the feeling growing in your body. Sometimes I find that I actually need to press my clit to push me over the edge though. xx

I posted something on this a while back. I've done it a few times but found it takes time, focus and and a hightensense of sexuality.

Its an awesome feeling. Any time I've done it I use no hand or any physical stimulation. I tend to vividly imagine a scenario and work through it - letting it take me wherever it goes. As I get more engaged and excited I flex my penis slowly and and steadily until it starts to build up in waves and I cant stop. It end with me flexing and thrusting and coming in the most exciting and unstoppable way.

Its the most amazing orgasm ever. Well worth the effort and time. As the spunk starts to spurt out I keep my hands off my cock ...its messy but something else entirely

I have done when I was younger , sometimes I dream myself to orgasm when I am very horny !

haha yes very easy to x

Now see.... I've had plenty of LUSH wet dreams.... but ''ve never 'thought' my way to orgasm whilst i'm awake? lol I'm gonna have to give it a go! lol x x