Caption Competition....PRIZES TO BE WON!

Howdy all 

I hope you all have some lovely plans for the upcoming Bank Holiday?

Here's hoping to good weather ! 

To start the weekend off with a bang and some giggles I have a competition for you all, in the form of the ever popular caption comp. HUZZAH!

All you need to do to enter is come up with the best caption fitting to the pic that makes us giggle, smile, ohh, arr or maybe cry with laughter. Then you simply pop that caption in a reply below.

There will be a few prizes so potential for runners up too.


*Please stick to the Lovehoney forum rules 

*You can enter more than once

*Competiton closes 9AM Tuesday 30th August - any comments after this time will not be counted or verfified ![wink|20x20](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif "wink")

And here is the pic...


GO GO GO .....

"Jess: Don't I look fabulous?! The gag matches my necklace!"

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full??"

As for bank holiday plans - work, work and more work!!!!

Happy days to those who get time off xxxx

Always make sure your mouth gets a good workout. New mouth Dumbbells so you need never stop an argument to rest an aching jaw.

"Do not attempt to insert the balls..."

"Discretion is ensured through the use of staff muzzles"

"Sammi: oh that's how you use it? I was trying to use it as a thong earlier"

Now Leanne, what have learnt? We've heard enough about your holiday!

"Does my bum look big in this?"

"What? I've got something stuck in my teeth?"

"Sorry, I misunderstood when you asked if I knew any good gags - you meant jokes!!!"

Honest Leanne I promise to take it off after the picture ..... 😈

What Jess didn't know is that Sammi had used this to play with the dog earlier.

'It's the new don't ask don't tell'

'Another gag order'

Working all bank holiday 😢

"Bondage and Body Odor, what's your kink?"

Lovehoney version of the naughty step when you break the rules at work.

![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif): Because if I did the like on facebook, I'd have an awkward skype with my grandfather this bank holiday.

Well you won't find Jess on an episode of My Little Pony!

Sometimes getting your bit in beats getting your bits out!

*an alternative nursery rhyme*

Jessy, Jessy, don't you stop,
Just let your heels go clippity clop,
The crop go swish
And the pinwheel go round,
Giddy up, you're gagged and bound!

Jess: "Sammi hold my hair"
Sammi: "why?"
Jess: "just do it quick"
Sammi: *grabs her hair* "ok now what?"
Jess: "great now find a whip"
Sammi: ...
Jess: ... *turns to Sammi with a misschevious look*

Also, sorry Jess if you hate being called anything other than Jess 🙊😅🙊

Lovehoney's new curtain range gets off to a poor start in sales as Jess distracts viewers.

"Despite Jess's best efforts, Sammi still wasn't keen on riding her. "

Lovehoney staff propose viable solution to the rise of Trump ahead of the election debates.

Chomping at the bit for deal of the day