Car sex?

Does anyone like car sex?
If so why do you like it.
What’s the most comfortable position??
Do you like living life on the edge​:grinning:


I’ve dabbled a few times and it defo is more fun on the back seats rather than jiggling about in front :sweat_smile:


We’ve had sex in the car a few times now. We’ve got a kuga so it’s got enough room for us to have some fun in.
We found it more comfortable though on the back seats, and laying them down too.
One time he opened the door to the boot, bent me over and shagged me.


we haven’t. Its not really practical with our height differences (she is 1 foot/30 cm shorter than me).

When we were dating I had this minivan and we would often make out in the back, but we swapped to a corolla when we got married/got sexually active

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It’s the one place we’ve never had sex. I’ve never got around to getting my licence, she can drive but we just don’t see the need for a new expense.

I have an amusing story though about a place I was working in but for another thread perhaps. Involving a randy couple, a car and armed police!!

We had car sex just this last weekend! First time in, oh, about 30 years :joy:

We’re trying to be a little more adventurous and fortunately have privacy windows in the back. Not that roomy, so oral and a toy were the order of the day. But two 50 somethings in the back of the car behaving like teenagers is highly recommended!

Oh, and a dark country lane!


It does depend on the car you have sex in.

Some are just too small and uncomfortable for good sex. Sports cars are a challenge. Cars with large centre consoles are hard to vault and difficult to get into the back seat.
Vans are good provided there are no goods or tools in the back.

The best car we ever had sex in was a Dodge Magnum Station Wagon. We hired it for a road trim in America. No centre console column change automatic so great for impromptu BJ’s and amazing space for sex in the front seats. We loved that sexy car. It really saw some action on that holiday :joy::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Yes definitely, not usually in the back though, we have found it more comfortable to recline the passenger seat and go for it on there.

Favourite spot is the car park in the local woods, it has some secluded areas in it which are seldom visited by others.


Many many years ago in an old fist 500 there’s something you should try if you can do it there you can do it anywhere

Haven’t had full sex in the car for many years, not since we were caught by the police, thankfully they were quite amused and just told us to get dressed and move on

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Iv never had full sex in a car but fingered the wife in the bk while two people we hardly knew were in the front which was hot. Jus sitting side by side, the two in the front had no idea

No car sex for me, I don’t find it comfortable.

Fist 500? A new model we haven’t heard of?

Or maybe something more exotic…

@300 it’s the original I did say many many years ago Google it ! Fiat 500 tiny little car :+1:

Ahhh, Fiat! I see what you mean now…

Well aware of how small the Fiat 500 is…

Just kidding about the ‘fist’ thing!

We love it

In another lifetime decades ago on the way back from a weekend away with a lover she suggested that we have sex in the car.

The car was a Bond Bug. She was surprised when I declined.

My first GF we was together 5 years when she cheated on me with a guy and admitted it was in he’s car and since then I’ve always had a fantasy about it.

yes love it

Hubby and I are 6 ft + bigger sized people & even in our 4 wheel drive, we don’t really enjoy it at all.

But have given hubby head while we were parked out in the bush (we live rurally anyways). He’s also bought me toys that he can change function and it’s a small one that isn’t visible but I sit in the car while he shops and that’s as close to sex our car sees lol