Cervix orgasms

Only recently read up on this. Anyone give any good tips ? Better with fingers or a toy ? Apart from obv relaxing and letting go !

Can I check what you mean? Terminology changes all the time, it seems to me, yet it all describes similar experiences.

I think that for women there is a difference between a clitoral orgasm, which is external stimulation (although the clit reaches a long way inside too) and happens when the clitoris is stimulated, and an internal orgasm - that could be called a g-spot or cervical orgasm, but it results from internal stimulation either way.

Both feel great and can happen separately or together. Neither is essential for a happy experience, even though the media paints this as the main event.

An orgasm through internal stimulation can certainly happen with either fingers or toys. I'm not sure everyone's fingers could reach the cervix as the vagina lengthens during arousal, but others might come along to correct me...

Either way - enjoy! And yes, communication and relaxation - together or alone - is always a good thing.

Thanks for the reply. Cervical orgasm totally diff from normal clit stimulation or gspot Stimulation can be either fingers or toys. Just curious if anyone had any experience of it.

I have experience of it.

My point was that female pleasure is complex and all those nerve endings can combine when we are aroused,both externally and internally.

It can be difficult to analyse what sort of orgasm is happening even though there are different types. Often what happens with a partner is different to what happens alone, due to the emotional connection which can come with that.

Anything which hits the cervix - fingers, penis, toys - could lead to an orgasmic experience. It is obviously a very deep spot and arousal first is the key - that's why sex feels good and smear tests don't.

The more we all know, the better. What works for you, in terms of cervical orgasms?

You learn something new everyday! Never heard of a cervical orgasm before.

RosyCheek wrote:

You learn something new everyday! Never heard of a cervical orgasm before.

I had to Google it 🤭.

I have felt my husbands penis against my cervix when making love in the past and I have always orgasmed with him, but im honestly not sure if it was a cervix orgasm or gspot or just a bit of everything really.

I don't think I've had a cervix orgasm, but I certainly enjoy when he's managed to hit my cervix with his cock.

I do like a nice pressure on my cervix, cant reach it with fingers though. I may have to try one of these!

I love having presure on my cervix but cant reach it with my fingers good job my oh can with his so what are you thinking of trying virgin angel

I think this depends on both the sizes of your vagina and his penis being of similar size during rough sex. Its perhaps why some women can't take large cocks, and some women struggle or can't be satisifed by small ones.

A guy can pound away as vigourously and for as long as he can but if its not hitting the cervix enough then it can get boring after a while. So basically, no wonder a lot of women say they can't orgasm from penetrative sex.

This is really interesting, something I’ve never heard of. I tend to associate pain with my cervix, when we get the angle wrong in doggy the husband goes too deep and whacks into my cervix, wowzers does it hurt! I’ve never thought of it being something pleasurable to stimulate. Can’t reach it myself anyway, will have to investigate when I’m up to it.

Thanks for the info, always something new to learn on here.

This is interesting for me too.

My wife hates deep thrusting sometimes and in some positions, because of the pain from being hit on the cervix . Presumably when really turned on & relaxed, this area can be more pleasurable. Anyone know if the cervix opens up to allow penetration if the lady is really turned on & does this help with cervix orgasm?

There's a bit in Deborah Sundahl's Book:


It talks about the three different types of orgasm, clitoral, g-spot/vaginal, and cervix. They're described as kinda on a spectrum, with some women experiencing only clitoral, and others only deep cervix orgasms. Many will have a variety of different experiences in between these and combinations possibly.

Interesting book, interesting ideas!

Nope never had a cervix orgasm, anything that touches it just hurts lol.

Don't think I have . It feels mince when hobbies cock or other touches my cervix but don't think I orgasmed that coupled with it touch Ing my clitorus makes me multy orgasm I love to hear about new things xxx

I tend to associate feelings to do with my cervix around childbirh and smears.

Not nice.

But once or twice in my life I have been turned on enough for anything (partner or vibrator) to hit that spot and cause a different sort of orgasm. Have to be turned on a lot first and it's not a specific aim. And it might be a g-spot orgasm, I'm not sure.

Hope that makes sense.

It's just like a really bad period pain for me when it's touched. It doesn't matter if it's toys, fingers, penis or smear brush or if I'm aroused or not.

Accidentally hitting it completely ruins the mood for me.

Knottydevil wrote:

Anyone know if the cervix opens up to allow penetration if the lady is really turned on & does this help with cervix orgasm?

The cervix only opens up during labour, or it can be 'encouraged' to for certain medical proceedures, often with an anaesthetic, afaIk. It doesn't open up during arousal or sex. There would be no point as toys / a penis cannot reach into the uterus.

I think the old wives tale about sex being a way of kick-starting labour late in pregnancy is more to do with orgasmic contractions leading to labour contractions - same pelvic muscle group? Otherwise the cervix is closed and only opens to let babies out or medical implements in...

Got it. Thanks MrsR. Had to look up a diagram! ☺️ Looks like the cervix is up on the top wall of the vagina. The uterus kinda kicks off at a sharp angle so in PIV sex the head of a suitably sized penis will sweep kinda past the cervix over the surface. The OP‘s question was about what the best way to stimulate this was. My best guess would be something pretty long (longer than fingers) & squishy on the end, as it‘s sensitive? Most opinions I‘ve heard seem to be around deep PIV penetration. I‘m kinda guessing but from what I know already, but curious....