Chastity cages - tips and suggestions please

My husband bought a medium plastic chastity cage from LH but it was too small so we sent it back. At the time LH didn’t have any larger options and so my hubby went online and purchased a large metal cage (which was costly) from elsewhere.

He’s tried using it but it’s far far too tight around his balls despite being 65mm in diameter as he can barely get the thing on even with lube.

I don’t want him causing himself an injury and so decided that I’d post here and ask you all for your advice as we just don’t seem to be able to find anything XXL but would love to try the whole chastity thing for a bit of teasing and play.

Anyone ?

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A ring of 65mm? Thats quite substantial, but your best option may be a custom made from the like of mature metal. They will send out sizing rings initially if trquested (for a cost) and you go from there. Expect to spend a few hundred though.

I dont think many of the cheap chinese devices from Ebay etc will accommodate up to that size or bigger

You could have a look at 3d printed options maybe?

Nice problem to have. If he’s that big, I’d suggest leave his penis free and put the rest of him in a cage lol. :wink:


I think the issue is it’s a solid ring , he needs it to be a hinged one for putting on etc.
Thanks for the advice

I’m impressed.

A 45mm rear ring fits me perfectly.

Seriously you may struggle to find an “off the shelf” cage that will fit at that size.

Somewhere on this forum someone mentioned getting a cage custom made from a seller on Etsy.

The hinged rings can be tricky to put on. The hinge can also give you a nasty nip.

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Hmm not sure where else to recommend if I was able to say places but think your best bets is to try maybe searching some specialist sites for big packages that cater for the larger sizes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remove if not allowed.

There is a 3d printed one I can recomend. Its called a cherry keeper.

Variety of sizes of rings and cages with the option of a custom made last time I looked. You have to buy the lock separately though.

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I bought this one over a year ago. Couldn’t get it on as was too small. It’s been in a drawer ever since. Bar custom made items I’ve yet to find one suitable for larger or girthier guys. :frowning:

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It’s identical to that only the longer version of it. We measured the diameter of the ring and it was 65mm.

It’s just too tight :frowning:

There doesn’t seem to be anything bigger out there. I didn’t realize he was so much larger than average until now! I just assumed about 6 inches flaccid and very girthy was the norm or a common size at least.

We have had issues with toys for him due to the same reasons. I just hope our latest purchase works for him.

Now you’ve said about being nipped in a hinge that’s put me off.

I would say that it’s not so bad - a small learning curve but I don’t think it should be a put off

I have several thick metal cock rings that are in two sections and use a screw to hold together so removal isnt a isdue even if there quite snug fitting, maybe some cable ties to hold the cage in place? Careful if you cut the cable tie loose end can be sharp unless melted with a lighter

I have a cheap copy of the CB 6000 with various rings they clip together so are not solid. I normally wear the 65mm one, after reading your post I tried to get it on by inserting my equipment through the solid ring. There was no way it would happen, mainly due to the size of my balls!
As part of last nights play session I tried a much smaller ring but had to take it off as it restricted too much blood flow when erect.
I am moving on to buy a metal cage but it will have to be one that’s hinged as there’s no way my balls will go through a solid ring.I am sure a bit of nipping will be worth it so don’t give up ThirtySomething . Interested to see/ hear how you get on with locking up your OH.

“badassworkroom” seller on Etsy is a legit custom maker.

Thanks for all your suggestions we found something that fits the bill (giggles).

I really don’t know how you men cope with being caged for days, weeks, months, or in some cases years :flushed:

As he explained he wanted, I wore the key around my neck last night from around 6pm until 11pm and let’s just say that by that point he was going stir crazy as I’d spent most of the evening sending him saucy texts and had insisted on my own pleasure for an hour or two. He was more than wound up after all of this and the effects were interesting to say the least (let’s just say he was glistening).

I felt rather sorry for him by this point and so removed the key and handed it over. This resulted in a very intense and very swift session which I would say he 150% enjoyed. I guess being made to wait is half of the fun here but I’ve now got some questions (for the fellas).

  1. did I hand the key back too soon? Should I have made him wear the cage to work and go for longer than five hours?
  2. are cages safe to be worn for great lengths of time?
  3. is it best when a woman wears the key and does nothing else or should they insist on their own pleasure?
  4. how do you feel a cage benefits you?

So my husband has expressed he’s got an interest in femdom and we’ve had a laugh in the past trying to make this a thing for him. I think him wanting a cage is part of this fantasy and I totally get it (as boy do I have my own unique fantasies!)
5) how else can I raise the bar for him with the cage and fem dom?
6) do you think he would like me to insist he wears the cage for lengths of time? Or do I ask him how long he’d like to wear it? (Maybe I’m just not dom enough to be bossy)

Answers on a postcard please

Varying info about long term wear.

Rockstar is the man to answer.

@rockstar tell me more

Finding a right cage can and will be a nightmare

If it’s something you are both really wanting to get into it would seem a custom cage would be the way

To try and gauge a correct ring size however, most places recommend tying some string around where the ring would be at the size you’re wanting to try. You can always measure and tie it at certain lengths.

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We’ve got a XXXL metal cage now and the ring is finally big enough and the length is just enough to squeeze into so we’ve got that bit sorted. It cost enough but he’s toying with the idea of it being a more long term thing and if so we may now need to find a plastic lighter option to cater to full time wear.