Cheating stories

Men and women, what are your best cheating/marital affair stories

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I doubt you’ll find any forum users with a personal ‘best’ story they’re willing to share - cheating never ends well (I’ve been on both ends).

The Internet is awash with them though so maybe a search there is your best bet. :thinking:


I also agree with @Rob36 on this topic :grimacing:


If you consider cheating as watching a few episodes of a Netflix series you are watching together on your own then I’m guilty :rofl:


That’s only cheating I do too :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Never in a million years would I do that to hubby. I have way too much love and respect for him to do that to him, to betray and hurt him in that way. As rob36 said sure there’ll be plenty of stories on-line


As anyone out there can read the posts on here I doubt anyone will share a “best” cheating or affair story…

But like other members have said I’m sure you’ll find a variety on-line…


I will be honest to admit that I haven’t always been 100% faithful in my past, but I’ve also been on the receiving end of it too.

I’ve always got stories that I can share about many different things as well as cheating.

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What a strange first post, it’s like your fishing or trying to be provocative :no_mouth:


Many years ago I cheated on myself, I used my left hand instead of my right hand. As a result I still don’t talk to myself.


As @Tanya-Louise said, strange post indeed, curious wording too.
Personally never cheated on a partner, not something that sits well with me and if I want to sleep with someone else I shouldn’t be in the relationship I’m in at that time.

I guess some people may get off on the risk of cheating/affairs but I think it says a lot about the relationship in itself, so I really cannot see many people coming forward with ‘best stories’.

Any further context to your post @Nicole5674? Something you’re keen to try or have a backlog of stories yourself?


Oh the horror!

I would never cheat, don’t agree with it at all, but I will admit to having had a relationship many years ago with a guy who I knew already had a boyfriend. I was young and naive, thought I loved the guy, thought he loved me, believed what he told me about his relationship being more or less over, absolutely ridiculous looking back, but suppose we live and learn.

It was a lot of fun at the time, and I mean a lot! Now that I’m older it’s definitely something I feel embarrassed about, and definitely something I wouldn’t do again.


No stories myself no lol. My sister has been worried about her husband cheating. And was listening to what girls were saying on her fb about being cheated on and she wanted me to ask the forum to see if I could get a response from a guy on how they have cheated or why. Lol bad wording ig


Fair enough, always a little easier to reply with a bit of context.
Unfortunately not sure can offer much in terms of what you’re looking for, can only advise your Sister to perhaps talk with her husband and look at where they are both at.
We’re all individual humans, and I would expect in terms of how or why people cheat would be vast - my personal thoughts are those reasons won’t matter one bit in relation to your Sister or her husband, they may just fuel the fire of whatever is going on and make matters worse.
Has she spoken to her husband about their marriage if things are not feeling right?
It doesn’t need to be focused around if he is cheating or not, but I can only assume if she has those fears things are not quite right for her.

Hope she gets to the bottom of it and finds a way of putting her mind at rest.


Despite my lack of sex in my marriage, I can’t say that an affair has ever crossed my mind. Do I find other woman attractive, hell yes. Are there woman more attractive than my wife, definitely. But the flip to that is there are men more attractive than me and my wife probably thinks the same. Love isn’t an emotion. Love is a promise between 2 people. But we live in a society where cheating is almost the norm and marriages don’t seem to last. My sister was out with all her old school friends and half of them were quite brazen about their affairs they were having. My friend is getting divorced after less than 10 years of marriage, even though I was positive they were the ones who would last! Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I think sexually people are more open these days also.


You make a lot of good points here, and in general my views on marriage these days are that the values etc., are not worth the paper they’re written on. Marriage is meant to be a commitment, but unfortunately todays society seems a lot more ‘want it, will have it’ rather than putting in the hard yards.
Marriage, imo, is the promise between two people, the commitment.
Love is a feeling. and I think that can become stale or pass.
I wonder if in some cases marriage makes some people complacent, perhaps the effort towards the relationship drops, life just gets in the way?
For me if I love someone, it means I care deeply for them, I will protect them from harm no matter what, and certainly not want to be the one inflicting the pain by cheating. Marriage or no marriage, I know I need to work at my relationship because I can be a selfish prick at times.
@Scottishfunk I hope things improve on the sex side, appreciate how frustrating that must be for you. Refreshing to see your marriage really means something and those vowels you made together count!


Been cheated on definitely once by an ex and possibly by another, just not got solid proof only hears say etc.

Can not and will not condone cheating and I think the worst of people who do it knowing they are or the other person is in a relationship, happy or not.


Would never cheat, but I am the result of an affair. My dad and mum were married to their spouses and she would babysit his kids. And long story short, ran away with the babysitter and had me :sweat:

I didn’t find this out until I was older and after my dad passed away, but it made sense why other family members seemed to hold me at arms length.

From my mum’s point of view, it seems they both married and had kids young and that’s all they knew (she had 3 and he had 5). But when they met each other, it was something new and exciting. Her ex-husband was also an abusive asshole and she seen my dad as a way out. Seeing a more stable family unit on his side instead of her own type of thing. I can’t give my dad’s point of view on it, but I can only think of him trading in for a younger model and that his ex-wife was quite old-fashioned. :woman_shrugging:t2: Not that there’s any good reason to cheat, I just thought I’d offer some insight from people I know who did.


You make very good points.
Some people just don’t care and will take whatever they can have.
In most cases though, from what I’ve seen close to me, an affair happens because something is already beyond repair in the existing relationship.

I’m very sorry to read that you feel you weren’t considered adequately as result of the circumstances you came about. Adults should be able to realise that a child shouldn’t have to suffer grudges held against others. It’s really saddening.


The replies after giving more context have been so helpful guys thank u