Circumicised or not?

Just out of curiosity- which is your personal preference, circumcised or uncircumcised? Why?

Personally I tend towards circumcised. The bloke is circumcised, and although at first I had trouble when it comes to hand jobs, I find it alot easier and generally more pleasant for blow jobs. Plus it just seems more hygenic- no cheesy knob smell!

I personally prefer a circumcised penis - cleaner, neater and more attractive in my opinion. More lube is required for hand jobs as there's more friction. It's not often that you can say a penis is attractive but my other half's circumcised chap is beautiful lol!

I've never seen a circumcised one in the flesh. Me and my mate are currently embroiled in a debate about how much of a difference it makes in bed - her bf being American and circumcised and my bf being English and not. She says American guys are just better in bed because they're circumcised and they can last longer... I'm trying to convince her there's plenty of Irish boys that are good in bed, and that she's just been sleeping with the wrong ones!

Girls, any input on this debate? If you've had both cut and uncut men, who's been better in bed? Did the fact that they were circumcised have anything to do with it?

My personal preference, not knowing any different, would have to be uncircumcised - not sure I'd know quite how to work a circumcised one! I find, and my bf agrees vehemently, that it's all about the foreskin.

I've had both, and the circumcised bloke is waaay better in bed. I don't think it's anything to do with the lack of foreskin though, probably more because of talent! As for lasting longer it makes no difference to that, not that I can see.

I agree they look nicer.

I agree Crayola, they definately look nicer and are more hygienic. My current circumcised partner is much better in bed than my previous uncut partner But that's got nothing to do with a lack of foreskin! He just knows how to use our mutual bits and pieces properly!

When we first got together, I must admit that I wasn't really sure how to "use" his bits but the only difference really is that a little more lube is required as there's more friction when giving hand jobs.

Lol- the bokes scared me a bit at first. I kept thinking that I'd hurt him, cos I know that if you pull the foreskin back too far it hurts. Takes a bit of getting used to!

*blokes, not bokes.

The only thing the "more hygenic" comments prove is that some guys don't know how to wash! Ugh!

BBG - that unfortunately, is probably true.

i was with my partner months before i realised he was circumcised (im not dumb, its just been the status quo with my partners)
these days foreskins do not look normal to me and can be offputting
much prefer the cheese free non wrinkled chappy attrapment

I agree, BBG... it disturbs me that foreskins appear to be associated with cheesy knobs. If you're with a guy who like, washes, this is really not an issue.

I've had both and don't really have a preference either way. If a bloke was unhygenic I wouldn't go there anyway!! I don't think it makes a difference on performance either, that's down to the individual guy and his talent. I'm not a big fan of giving hand jobs anyway, but I agree that uncircumcised guys are easier to masturbate...

As long as it is clean and the guy knows how to use it I personally don't have a preference.

I love a foreskin on a man....seeing the head pop out when it gets hard....rolling it back and forth....gosh...lovely!

Uncircumcised all the way for me girls! In my experience, as long as a guy knows how to wash himself properly (and I've never had one that didn't!), there's no hygiene issue, and I think it makes the sensations better for him. And there is just something magic about giving a BJ and playing with the foreskin between your lips - yummmmmmy

ive never had a circumcised fella so i'd probably have to be biased and go for the uncut fella, maybe i'd change my mind if i ever had a cut man

Wow thank goodness for that girls, l will put the knife back in the drawer !!!


Regarding comments about lasting longer, I heard that once circumcised the skin on the head of the penis turns to leather and loses a lot of the sensitivity.

I've read that circumcised penises lose sensation due to being permanently exposed. My man is uncircumcised and I think this gives greater scope for play!! Foreskin covering/foreskin back etc. You can also tug quite hard on a foreskin (I'm a biter) without causing pain - well he doesn't complain anyway. Cleanliness is down to his hygiene foreskin or not. Although I"ve not had a circumcised knob I think I'd prefer with foreskin.

i have had both and i dontmind either!!! only thing is a blokewho is circumcised cant do as many of the tricks in the pupertry of the penis show - look it up if you dont know what i a m on about!!! fantastic show if you get the chance to see it!