Clitoral stimulation

Hi everyone. I'm new here and hope to contribute some useful reviews for you all. But first, can you help me out?

I enjoy intense clitoral stimulation but can't find the right toy. I'm looking for something that delivers a concentrated, fast vibration to the spot. Rabbits don't do it for me and I've got a Fun Factory Digger, which is OK but not intense enough. My Anne Summers Dolphin comes close to it, but I wonder if there's something new?

I'd try the Summers Clit Kit, but I live in Cyprus and just can't get the dinky little batteries that it needs - it has to be something re-chargeable or that uses standard batteries.

Any ideas?

Have you thought about a Hitachi Magic Wand? It'll wokr with a travel plug convertor in Greece and for power of vibrations, it simply cannot be beat!
Read the reviews here;

Thanks for that. Fortunately, we have standard UK type power in Cyprus. I'll take a look at it.

The rather cool-looking Esprit d'Amour is one of the most intense clitoral stimulators there is, I think. The buzz is quite high frequency, but it's exceedingly fast! It also has pulsate settings too, as well as variable speed.

It takes AAA batteries, which should be available where you are.

have you ever thought of using climax cream on your clit, it enhances your pleasure

I can highly recommend the Orgasam Gel

You could also try the Buzz Tongue vibe -- it's kind of funny-looking (but then aren't all sex toys!?) but delivers pretty intense vibrations.

It's pretty cheap, too - and also availble 3-for-2 so you can buy it and a couple of others without breaking the bank. ;-)

I like to use a g-spot vibe like the O'My Ginger for clitoral stimulation, I find the tip does more for me than the usual eggs and bullets. The controler's powerful and takes AAA batteries.

I have found that eggs and bullets work well on my clit and once you know the right spot and amoutn of pressure to apply you can have several very intense orgasms. The best one I havbe found it the Angel Delight egg but I have also obtained good orgasms using other egg however angel delight is my favourite todate

i use clit gel and a lil bullet and it makes a great orgasm

Have you tried the Lilly Lelo? It's a bit pricey at £60 or somewhere around there but it has rechargable batteries and standby time of about 90 days. It's one of the best vibrators I have ever bought...and I owned a Anne Summers dolphin aswell that didn't last very long for some reason.

Hi anyone up yet?

A phillips senseflex electric toothbrush, remove the bit that cleans the teeth and you are left with a small smooth metal head that will blow your mind in seconds!

Have you tried the Xfactor vibrating cock and ball rings? I know this is a cock ring, but I find that if i remove the rings, you are left with a small metal bullet. I use this on my clit to achieve either a shaking orgasm, or one of those orgasms where you can feel all of your p***y muscles contracting. Check out: for my review of this product

If you want something rechargeable and that has good reviews how about

I've just ordered one so I'll post a review soon. It is expensive though but I thought the reviews were pretty positive.

I reccommend a bullet and then maybe some thing like durex heat or tinlge lube to really increase the sensation! There's also a finger rabbit that I have that can be amazing, it has little rabbit ears so if you like that bit of your rabbit then it's great, also you can pull of the cover and voila you have a bullet...not sure about the batteries though...i think it depends on the vibe, they're usually G batteries I could try bulk buying maybe?? good luck!