Clitoral simulation rubbing help

Hi all,

I’m needing a bit of advice on toys please. I’ve just come out of a 7 year relationship which was pretty unimpressive on the sex front.

I did invest in a few different bullets and a dildo but just can’t get on with the dildo. Seems to heavy and uncomfortable for me.

I have the Basics Powerful 5 inch vibrator and a couple of bullets. I love my silver vibrator as it’s slim and I love rubbing it fast over my clit. The vibrations alone don’t do much for me. The vibrations help don’t get me wrong but it’s the fast rubbing that feels best but I just can’t get that orgasm with it.

I’m not sure if I need something easier to hold, but I do get a tired arm after a while if it’s taking a long time to reach anything. I just need that something that will really give me that sheet clenching orgasm. Oh and it needs to be quiet too, house mate doesn’t need to hear that!

Thanks in advance people!


I highly suggest a wand. There incredible and easy to use. I can’t recommend the one I use because it’s extremely loud but powerful but I’m sure others can recommend a quieter one.


This works wonders on my wife and can bring her to orgasm/squirt all on its own. And reasonably quiet too

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I highly recommend a Womaniser for clit stimulation. It beats my bullet & wand hands down :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


My wife is all about the clit - not the fast rubbing though.
You should definitely investigate a wand. We have the Le Wand Petite and it’s just fantastic!
Looks great, very quiet, batteries last for ages (and ages), it’s rechargeable (and easy to do) and the silicone is super soft.
It’s so easy to hold - and just so versatile. It’s a fun machine / orgasm machine :star_struck: :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:

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Hellloooooo, I’m sure the ladies will have some good advice, we have a wand and a glass slim dildo from here, that might be a better option

I have a lovehoney wand and it brings me to orgasams every time

I would recommend either a mains powered wand or a womanizer, both have had excellent reviews. So take a look at the reviews and podcasts on LH. I’m glad you are exploring things and trying new things to enhance your enjoyment. This not only helps now but will assist when you have a new partner and you can explain what you like / dislike.

Bad news, everyone is slightly different so working out what does it for you can be a matter of trial and error.

The forum is full of reviews and recommendations, which does make trying to find a good toy easier.
But working out what you want in a toy can mean trying a few different things.
It took me quite a few bullets to work out I’m really sensitive to buzzy vibes and this was stopping me cumming with them.
Working out if you like broad area, pinpoint or something in between surface wise is also a factor.

If you like using the whole vibe surface, its possible something more like a pebble vibe or classic vibe would work better for you :smile:

Can only echo what other forum members have said, a wand is the way forward. Though we recently received a French Kiss Sweet Talker Tongue Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Stimulator, and it runs close second to a wand, perhaps easier to position.

I’d also suggest trying a wand out maybe as heat they’re some of the best buys to get :+1:

I have used my good old bullet vibrator for years but recently purchased the LH X Romp Clitoral suction stimulator and I have to say it’s GOOD
Does take a while to get in the right place but when you do OMG it’s quick :sweat_drops:
Give it a go or similar, don’t think you’d regret it

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