Clitoral suction toy

Soooo ordered a clitoral suction toy, now I don’t know if it’s just poor quality or if I’m not using it right.
It feels okay to use but just doesn’t get me there I feel like it needs to be stronger?? Anyone else have good feedback or tips?

Are you lubing up the tip/head? That’s a recommended first tip, if you’re just not getting a good seal. Did it come with more than one head size to try also?

Some people also do have a preference if placement, whether the clit is dead center or to one side or another. And my wife’s preference is for giving it some movement, like holding down for a tight seal and then rubbing circularly while it throbs.

And it may just be a preference thing, too!


Which did you buy? Different people get on with some better than others (love my Womanizer but the We-Vibe Melt just gathers dust).

The lube and different head sizes are definitely good calls @LRLRL :+1:t2:

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Apparently one is on the way for us to try and demo. I think we will have to run it through its paces to see how things work best for her. She doesn’t know its coming yet but apparently it is being delivered next week and kids are terrible at keeping their hands off packages that arrive…
Would love to be home to see their faces if they think it’s something for them… :flushed:

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@rachelg09 Which clitoral suction toy did you get? Each one probably has it’s own peculiarities :thinking: The only one I’ve used is my womanizer premium, and some of the things mentioned above helped me get used to it (switching from the small to medium head, figuring out the best placement, using lube to help the seal). It may take a few sessions to get used to the toy and to get used to the different kind of sensation suction toys give…

:point_down: This thread has a bunch of tips and advice about suction toys (the title says womanizer, but other brands are commented on as well :+1:)

Womanizer 3 Starlet :crossed_fingers: