Clone A Willy Kits

There are some ace reviews of the Clone A Willy Kit already on Orgasm Army... Anyone else got any tips and hints they'd like to share for how to get the perfect mould?

Anyone got any feedback on actually *using* the vibe that's the end product?

If you've made something you can be proud of, head over to and see if you've got the most beautiful cock in the world!

My boyfriend and I have become experts with the clone a willy and we love it. It is tricky to make so read the direction carefully, have everything planned out and a shaved penis is best. Your guy will need help to prepare and stay excited. Men should not attempt this alone!

Here are some of the benefits we've discovered with it:
1. Get to know your man's penis. The ability to experiment with it on my own when we can’t be together has taught me new techniques for using the real thing. It’s much better than just any dildo and the vibration is good and strong.

2. Get more comfortable in handling his equipment. By examining his clone I got so familiar with every inch and detail it’s become less intimidating. I'm now as comfortable pulling it out of his pants as he is.

3. Get his penis and tongue at the same time. My BF loves to use this one me during oral sex and for the close-up view he can have of his penis moving in and out of me.

4. If you’re proud of your man's penis, show it off. My guy has a beautiful, perfectly shaped specimen and no, he didn't like me doing this as first but I think it secretly turns him on knowing my girlfriends have all admired his erection. (Despite this, I can't talk him into letting me post it on

5. Let him get what you get. We made a second clone for me to use on him. How many men can say they've experience this?! We were both surprised at how much he enjoyed himself and he admits he’s used it as part of his personal play.

Looked at cockidol - nice idea! Hippy Chick sleeps around a bit ;-)

The boyfriend and I gave it a go with the silicone version. Didn't turn out so well :/ Lost about an inch and a half in length, and the surface is bubbly in bits.

Yes, this definitely takes some thought out pre-planning. Your guy must be prepared for what’s involved so read the direction together, talk about each step and get the plastic tub prepared some time in advance. We actually did that part as foreplay in a previous session and then finished a few days later after being apart with no sex and no masturbation for him. When we were ready to complete it, I laid out all the ingredients, necessary equipment and had the measured amount of water ready at the right temperature. Then I focused my attention on him. Wearing his favorite lingerie, I slowly stripped him naked and teased as much as possible by not letting him touch me. When he couldn’t take it any longer I lead him into the bathroom and began the process. With everything ready, it truly only takes about 2 minutes and you’re ready to insert the penis. To keep him hard, I held him from behind with my breast up against his back and worked his ear with my tongue. That was the method he chose ahead of time. (I also slipped in a few phases like “I want your c**k in me the second you’re done”) For other men, it may be watching you masturbate or watching porn.

This was what worked for us the second time. Yes, he failed our first attempt also and we ordered replacement ingredients from the manufacturer. It saved us the cost of the full product the next time and it was worth it.

Good luck.

I am thinking of getting one of these but my hubby is a bit freaked out by how messy it looks... he hates messy... and he hates anything that makes him feel mucky or sticky... I mean in a cleansly way not a sexy way guys and gals!! ;) I know what you filthy people are like :P
If anyone can tell him that has used it that its not as messy as it sounds and its all easy to clean and wont leave him in a sticky awful mess... i;m sure he will let me indulge myself with a nice clone willy that we can then both enjoy for dp!!

I'm afraid to say we found the moulding bit VERY, VERY messy. But the moulding stuff isn't sticky -- you can peel it off of anything it gets on (so long as it's laminate or tile or something).

I think it's pretty tricky to make a good mould. Mine had lots of little bubbles in it. The best bet, I found, was to let the plaster start to set so your penis doesn't need to be in it for as long. It really doesn't need to be in there the whole time while it's setting and doing so just makes it more difficult to keep it up. That said, maybe that's why we got bubbles!

Actually I got bubbles too - like dips in the surface - makes cleaning more of a chore. I am actually thinking of getting some liquid latex to dip coat it - I do love the thing but cleaning is a big issue.

I think I stirred my rubber mix too fast and air bubbles got trapped in it

I'll only use mine covered in a condom it's so bubbly. I wish the boyfriend hadn't been silly and thrown away the tube, I'd just get some more silicone and give it another go, otherwise.

I got some of the worse bumps off with a knife alright. I'm tempted to get some sandpaper and try and smooth it down a bit -- not sure how well it'd work, though.

I'd offer to clone mine, but I cant find it.

Sounds like a lot of mess! Has anyone tried the candle/soap versions that happycamper posted about? Ooh, the chocolate one looks like it could be fun

I'm gald I stumbled across this.. My hubby and I are wanting to try it, and I always wondered how difficult/messy, etc it actually is..

Am I the only one kind of horrified by the idea of burning my partner's penis or washing it down to nothing? I saw the soap and candle versions before and sort of shuddered a voodoo shudder and clicked away.

The chocolate one is vaguely easier to handle but still a little...scary.

haha mcbirdie ive said to my flatmates that im going to scare my boyfriend by making a candle one pretending its as innocent as a candle penis can be :S then im going to set up a little fake shrine to him and worship the burning candle just as he comes in from wor to freak him out :D


Can you guys give me the best words to persuade my fiance to get one of these kits? They do sell them in Norway too. They cost twice as much, but at least I won' have to pay through my eyeballs in customs!

I would love to have him to play with even if I'm all alone!

surely its worth the mess for a guy to know that your partner cant get enough of you and loves the feel of you so much that she wants a copy of it to use whenever the real things not there?? if i got one my guy would be so turned on knowing that i was using it while he wasnt there. Why doesnt he want to get one sally?

Just made a clone of my member.
It turned out okay, no bubbles or anything. Unfortunately I was making it by myself, and the act of trying to mix up the moulding batter, pour it and time it all meant my penis shrank slightly and I've lost an inch on the end product.

Also can anyone tell me the colour the ned product is supposed to be.

Mine's come out a used elastic band yellowy/brown. Not incredibly attractive.

Most likely to buy another and get my girlfriend to give me a hand, as it were.