clone-a-willy, yes or no?

Does the clone a will moulding kit work as well as it seems??
I'm planning a fun weekend away with the OH and wanted to try something like this :-)
What are your views???

We have the clone boy. The results are brilliant and the process really isn't that difficult. Would deffinately recomend it!

I must admit, im very tempted to try this and give it to my OH as a xmax gift.

She says that only i can keep her happy in bed and that toys dont work for her, so i though..what better than another me! XD

Yes perfect thanks!! Makes a great gift doesn't it!! And what better for him to know I have his cock as dildo ;-)

We bought one about 6 months ago but still haven't got around to doing it. Apparently can be a pain to get the timing right but plenty of tips etc on here.

Aaah ok I'll have a search and read, thanks for the heads up ;-)

it's fun, can get very messy. Mr monkey found it hard to keep hard, during the moulding process, so would say a cock ring may help. I had the vibrator one but I want the candle version. The vibes aren't that strong but as for fun, it's a good time occupier

We found it fun and easy, but were disappointed with the end result as the material is like that of cheap rubber dildos. Its definitely a novelty experience rather than a quality toy! Also, it says that he doesn't need to shave/trim his hair, but I would recommend he does, my boyfriends got stuck in it and I had to carefully cut him free!

ohh yes defo shave it all off, we had that problem. Due to this, he has vowed to never go near any kind of wax treatment, again lol

I have a feeling this is going to be in my partners stocking this year! :D

The clone boy has a rubber seal so no pubes go in it. I would recomend using only an adjustable cock ring

My warning re: cloneboy - it requires cold water to mix the gel, and despite using the enclosed cock ring, as soon as the cold mixture touched my penis, I started to go flaccid, sonyhe resulting mold was not me 'at my best'. It also snapped in half -
I only applied the smallest amount of pressure and it completely snapped in two.

clone-a-willy uses warmer water that's more comfortable, but it's messier. The results are much better, but it's a very underpowered vibe - seems almost pointless.

Still fun to make though, even if the result is a disappointing and unusable copy of your penis.

Look fun I'm thinking of gettin one for hubby too for Christmas

Had a cloe-a-willy and although the end result was rubbish (down to us messing up the timings etc) the whole process was fun and something different for an evening.

Don't go into thinking you will have a perfect clone of your 'best friend' - just go in, have a laugh along the way and see what comes of it.

My tip is to use a BIG mixing bowl so you can stir vigorously without spillage before pouring into the tube to make the mould.

If you're really keen on the idea of making a detailed cast you can also buy silicone online to replace the crappy rubber of the usual kits.

Pixieking wrote:

If you're really keen on the idea of making a detailed cast you can also buy silicone online to replace the crappy rubber of the usual kits.

Oh I like this idea! I really want to make one but I'm worried about crappy materials that are not safe to use. Can you give more information on what to look for? Thanks!

Thanks everyone, it's more for the fun than to have the perfect copy of 'him'!!
So I'll bite the bullet and have a go!
Thanks again!!!

You could just get a good mould with clone a willy, then use the good replica penis for any subsequent moulds. That way you could make chocolate dicks too.

OR, if you really want to push the boat out, there is a UK based company that soley make silicone dildos and harnesses. They are into moulding real willies, not sure how much it costs but it could be a 'fun' day :p

I've bought a cloneboy as a gift to my girlfriend. When we use it I'll report here.