Clone a willy

Did anyone else have trouble withe clone a willy product at the stage u had to insert the willy into the mould or am I the only one

What specifically was the issue for you?

I think everyone that has ever done one has had that problem haha!!

I lost my erection and spilled some of the material out of the tube, so it turned out a mess. I plan to try again one day if I can buy more powder because I like the idea of having a copy of myself, it's just really hard to make it alone.

I did it with my partner firstly I kept loosing my erection as she was stirring it then it all came the tube so we rushed to put it back in then I inserted myself into it and my thing wouldn't stay in one place and it didn't mould out properly

I have the kit which I bought so I could have a record of what mine was like at its best, but by the time I'd got round to opening it up and planning to do the job, I'd had a bit of a reversal in the downstairs department and I haven't risked it yet. I'm going to talk to the doc about not being able to keep it up very well and see if Viagra or something will solve the problem, at which point I should be able to finish the project.

I thought I might make it a Vac-u-loc fitting rather than a vibrator, though, in case I need it later should I not get on with medications.

I think it's going to be quite difficult to do if you don't have a reliable, lasting erection.

When I did mine, I pressed down a bit at the very top of my penis to make it firmer and stay in one place kinda thing before I inserted. May help to not lose erection, but thats what the OH is for right? A bit tricky as having a bit more of a curve, head of my penis was now pressing against the tube and you could see it! lol

It turned out OK in the end, but was never used!

if staying hard is a problem you might want to give a cock ring a try on some reviews i've seen guys recommend using them to maintain an erection while trying to clone yourself

Always been tempted by one of these, would be handy the next time im told to go fuck myself

kusanagi wrote:

im told to go fuck myself

This made me smile