i do apologise if this has been done before it is somthing that i have played a few times and thought it may or may not work on here

the first posts makes a wish

and the next post has to add an ironic and funny consequence to that wish and also make a wish of his/her own


i wish i was rich

granted but your account is frozen

i will start:

i wish i had all the sexy toys on this web site

granted but you don't have enough storage space for them all

I wish I was taller

granted but you have an ass like a horse

i wish i had huge arms

granted - but you have tiny hands

i wish i was athletic

granted your wish worked but only for 12 hours then you become smaller than a borrower

i wish on holiday

granted but it is a tour of Englands sewers

i wish i had a sports car

granted but you crash it around the first bend

wish i was a racing driver

granted but you never have sex again lol

wish i could speak chinese

granted but you then become mute

wish i had a new smart phone

bellatrix wrote:

granted but you then become mute

wish i had a new smart phone

granted but you go deaf

wish i could paint beautiful pictures

granted but their only beautiful to you

I wish every one I know was content and happy

granted but this also effects people you dislike

i wish i could win the lottery and buy a big mansion for my family to live in

granted but your ex joins your family for ever...

I wish i could take a year off work to travel

granted but you can only travel by bicycle

I wish I could own my own home.

Granted but you will have to build it yourself.

I wish I could loose all my inhibitions.. for a day!!

Granted but that day was yesterday.

I wish I had a new motorbike....

Granted but its only 50 cc!!

I wish I could live by a hot sunny beach

Granted but the waters would be shark infested.

I wish I could read peoples minds.

Granted but it wasnt in english

I wish i could stop time

And there was a game like this on the forum not too long ago i had a wee hunt for it and couldnt find it :S. i swear it was called the genie game.

But it would be in complete darkness - eerie huh?

I wish I could meet Colin Firth (i have a little thing for him)