Cross-Dressing Interest

I wouldnt so much say its a fetish cause ive not done it yet, but the idea of dressing up as a woman (lingerie, wig, make-up) and being dominated by a woman with a strap on is really hot!

Problem is I dont know what to do =(. Im single so its more a fantasy than somthing i can do.

Do I get some, dress up and just play with myself? and if so what should i buy?
Or do i wait for a partner?

I already own a pair of stockings that feel so nice! and every since i put them on ive had this idea in my head.

What do you lot think i should do?

Thanks! :)

I might have to start saving some pennies!

i doubt you have a male - female size ratio on here though, might have to just guestiamate my size.

I agree with WeeSteve... a 'cross chart' to show female lingerie sizes for men. It would also be good to have some recomendations of which female lingerie items would fit a mans shape.

Ork wrote:

Oh as for wigs choose wisely it can be awkward when you buy one thats not great for you, generally the more expensive the better quality but thats not always the case and you can get cheap party sort of ones on here quite cheap.

Also party accessories is a "safe" place to start - you could be shopping for a fancy dress party outfit, go to any party shop to try different styles on.

Underwear-wise, if you want to be a bit more private about it, you would have to measure yourself and then compare it to any size charts online etc. It's sometimes guesswork for even myself, and I should be used to buying women's clothes by now :) , to know the exact sizes that fit, both under- and outerwear.

But if you feel confident enough, you can just go to an underwear shop. A friend of mine who worked in La Senza told me they once actually got a guy who walked in and asked to be measured and fitted, as they advertise a free bra fitting service in all the stores. The fitting room girl obliged and brought him a pile of different styles to try on. This, of coure takes some courage but at least it's definitely a way of getting the expert advice. La Senza aren't even very expensive and they have a lot of sizes, so it might be a good place to start. Most department stores also offer a fitting service and have an even better selection, but again it's simply a question of whether you'd feel comfortable actually walking in and asking for the help.

oh god that must have taken some courage that! I wasnt even sure about posting it on here where no1 lnows who i am, but doing that with the amount of people in those shops.

Thank you for the feedback it think i will ask a few of my lady friends who know about my wee kink and see what they recommend.

Just had a wee browse at some of the stuff, really good selection have no idea what to get, too many choices!!

Might get that first, looks comfy :)

WeeSteve wrote:

No they wouldnt, i have nice friends =)

yes you do ;D

oh i see what you meen now! Thats horrible i had the same thing!

99.9% of us are supportive! :D xxx

goodgirl93 wrote:

yes you do ;D

oh i see what you meen now! Thats horrible i had the same thing!

99.9% of us are supportive! :D xxx

Thank yoooooooou :) xx

lickmadick wrote:

behave yourselve before you get admin on your case mate

Hi Wee Steve

I too enjoy some cross dressing all though I do not get much spare time to do it as much as I want to, luckly my OH is very understanding to the point where she has brought me some items to wear. I get very turned on wearing stockings, heels etc whilst having sex and I tend to buy stuff off ebay but ive yet to get a wig or do my nails :)

One big thing for me was shaving my legs and it took me a while to do this, but it felt amazing once I had and again was a massive turn on for us both, the trouble with that is keeping on top of it and also having the privacy to maintain this type of lifestyle ( as we have kids living with us) so unfortunatley we cannot indulge in this as much as we want to.

My advice would be to try what you want to, that way you will find out what you do and dont like, I have been very lucky with my OH as she also has a kinky streak in her so she accepted my 'kink' with no issues, but we are also very open with each when it comes to sex so we know what the other one likes or dislikes

Good luck in what you do and post back


Thanks M & A,

ive bought a few things now to try so really looking forward to it.

well have a great evening

are you on Fetlife?

I think we should both just ignore him :) some people just thrive off negative energy. xxx

yh i am on fet-life but ive only just joined

ok cool, well we are on there if you wanna add us



Ork wrote:

Seriously? Stop! This is in no way shape or form what the forum is for! Take your bashing else where, this is not something that is easy for some people talk about and it takes balls to admit it even on a forum as open minded and easy going as this one.

Bashing new folk for any reason or those ho have been here since the dawn of time is not appropriate I understand you may not like the topic but you are not being forced to read it and there is no need to be posting if you have nothing nice or constructive to say!

I won't sit here and pretend to be perfect but at least try and as I said if you have nothing to contribute to the thread don't. In a thread like this such comments could easily be damaging as I said it's hard enough for most people without having to deal with intolerance and ignorance.

well said. I may have gone overboard with mine, and for that i apologise xx

Thank you Ork!

Not letting the troll get me down about this, im not being put off by someone that needs to stalk the noobies.

Every1 else on this forum has been so nice and supportive!

Im currently sitting in my stockings and they feel soo nice!

also with super help from goodgirl i bought A LOT of new stuff and am dieing to try them out!


i got LOADS! i spent £184. im updating my wishlist of "stuff i got" so check it out in a few mins and have a look XD. il add you on fetlife once im done with it

You know ill always happily help you pick out outfits! :D

Thankgod as 99% of people have been very lovely xx

ive spent £500 this week on stuff!! but i am not skint