Cross dressing

What do you think about cross dressers

Which one? lots of us on here

This sight may interest you a great forum member pointed it out to me once there's a guide helping tto explain why we do it and stuff like that very helpful

What´s to think?

They are human, like the rest of us, who enjoy doing something they like. I love seeing a guy in my clothes and underwear.

No two people are the same (thank god or life would be damn well boring!!!), you wouldn't look twice at a female dressed in mens clothes 'cos thats just fashion' so I dont see why it should be any different for men (I know its not a fashion choice, sorry if my point comes across wrong). I remember the media interest in a local traffic warden who won the right to wear their choice clothes at work, it was crazy, they were interviewed at the checkout at Tesco whilst doing the weekly shop!!! Ultimatly this site covers all aspects of sexual experience and persuasion which makes it unique in my opinion (sorry about the spelling, not my strong point and hubbys still at work so cant ask him like normal)

In what way Jane ?

As a partner ?

For me im not into crossdressing as in going out buying womens clothes But

I do like to wear my g/f clothes thats been worn because it turns me on knowing her body has touched her clothes and her lovely body scent is on them,Wearing her underwear is the simplest thing to wear and a very sexy thing to wear.

Being in a newish relationship i have to watch what i say and do as i want her to feel at ease with me and not freak her out,This weekend was very fun as she let me put her bra on WOW it was so sexy for me.

She has said she would find it a turn on and sexy if i wore her nightie under my clothes when we go out next.

Im sure by the sound of it im not going to have a problem wearing her clothes she seems to enjoy the thought,I would love to go out wearing her skirt but i dont think i could ever do that,That would be for the house.But she has many nice trousers so i would love to go out wearing them as that wouldn't be a big deal i doubt anyone would know its womens trousers.She has some nice sexy tops aswell me going out with that on would be super sexy aswell.

jane113 wrote:

What do you think about cross dressers

I always think it's better to get dressed in a happy mood.

Seriously though, I'm not exactly sure what you're wishing to discuss, are you asking if cross dressing is "ok"?

If you do it for your partner can you really call it crossdressing,I prefer to call it kinky naughty dressing up.

I love it; I've done a bit with my lady (she bought me a black lacy thong and we went out together with me wearing it).

I do a lot more of it when I'm on my own. I'd like her to know but I don't want to force the issue.

When I'm away from home on business, staying in hotels, I love dressing up in panties, stockings, suspenders and heels (I have great legs!), and thick, bright red lipstick. I'd love to be seen like that, but mostly I just enjoy my body...

I love it, done it on and off for years.

Have had a gf or 2 dress me in stockings for fun, and sometimes more. Its just kinky fun with your partner

My OH's dad likes to. I have never had any issue with people cross dressing though I have never dated anyone that likes too (though a few exes have had some unusual styles, a leopard print faux fur hat comes to mind now I think about it)

Crosses are so last year - go for stripes this winter they are more flattering!

I did used to try on my girlfriends underwear and shoes, it made me feel sexy but in recent years I have not bothered so much. My wife (the same one as the girlfirend formerly mentioned!) and I have discussed it but she says it is not for her. Each to their own!

Like any other sort of person, some I like, some I don't. Depends on the personality.

However, cross dressing does tend to turn me on, on males. An attractive guy in stockings and heels and a pretty dress/skirt is damn sexy. I love putting make-up on them I really like women in feminine versions of traditional masculine dress, too (e.g. fitted suits, fedoras, waistcoats). I have a bit of a thing for blurring gender lines, androgyny is super sexy.

Whilst I would be happy to dress up for my wife I really would never want her to cross dress for me, I just dont find it sexy to see a woman in a shirt / tie combo. Maybe I am a tradionialist but prefer classy pr tratily dressed women (very extreme forms of dress I know!)

Crossdressing is an essential part of my personality. If I can't do it enough I become unhappy.

im an occasinal cross dresser love the femine feel of clothes .. tho i would not label my self as tv i just experiment now and again love nylons to, im private about it to wouldnt put it on in a relation ship if the other wasnt intrested

In my mind they are just clothes. Sure I like dressing up and feeling sexy, I don't tend to feel sexy in male clothes but maybe I just wear the wrong guy clothes. It doesn't matter what you wear in my book as long as its suitable for what your doing really. I find confidence and when someone looks really comfortable with who they are in that moment to be very sexy. Much more so than a dress or suit. But at the same time I do think crossdressers are pretty awesome and have a lot of respect for them, purely because they do something they want often overcoming this incredibile fear of what people will think of them. I'm not entirely at that stage yet but I hope to be soon :)

Anyone of you go out dressed like me? I have an extensive range of clothes been crossdressing since I was 8 or 9 so for a while now :P

i do love to wear my oh knickers so much comfier then mine