Dawn Porter Free Love Oil Fest

Has anybody been watching the Dawn Porter series on Channel 4 (I think)?

It's her going round experiencing all sorts of different sexual lifestyles.

Just caught up with one on Sky+ and it was all about free love.

Lots of friendly hippies and new-age flummery, but the best part was when they all went down in the basement for a slippery oily love-in.

Wasn't an orgy, mind - they were all warned that body openings were no-go areas and men were counselled not to ejaculate...

Sound like immense fun, but I'm sure the reality was a little icky!

Are you paid to work overtime or do you not have a home to go to?!

Only teasing,

Legs xx

wow thats sounds so good i'm not gonna even try it,what a waste of tv time.and how did they know men would be watching and playing with themselves i think gail has brought to much haunted house to that prog.


mr bjsp

sublimelonglegs wrote:

Sound like immense fun, but I'm sure the reality was a little icky!

Are you paid to work overtime or do you not have a home to go to?!

Only teasing,

Legs xx

he owns the company and he probaly is at home lol

Is known to take his work home with him peeps- so right again Legs, it's what helps make LH so ace !!! sorry a hark back- tis early though.


it's on tonight Dawn does geisha girl 10pm channel 4

oops sorry ruth ........edit button please

does anybody want to buy a debbie does dartford dvd ? lol

thanks ruth

i love dawn porter, on telly she always looks so coy, when the cameras switch off i wonder if she gets down and dirty... hee hee... bless her i hope she does!

Ive been watching her programmes and I love her!! She is great, the oil love fest was weird but strangely it did look good...

only thing i would like to mention is if i get involved in an oil fest im not inviting the creepy guy with the oil he scared the pants off me i really couldnt close my eyes and relax knowing his lurking about! xx

yeap i was thinking of gail porter not dawn [secret star trek fan, poss bald headed women and klingons]

mr bjsp

What am I missing? What programs, what times and what channels pls..I don't have sky a the moment, been disconnect, spent the money on toys...lol.

Dawn Porter is Fabulous, Im a major Fan she rocks and simply tells it like it is,

will check out those Links Cheers Ruth xxx

Her book sounds fab, buying it today!!

I think the series so far has been some of the best tv for some time. Dawn is a legend I agree with Ruth and I wish I had seen some of her earlier programmes on BBC3

Hmmm I have to disagree. I ust find her annoying! I think she's actually pretty biased already and what she 'finds out' is a result of her biases. She doesn't really go in with an open mind. It all seems to hyped up for TV. However, it's not anything worth than the normal TV issues!

Sure Dawn is a little self promoting and there are a few too many knowing looks to camera in a "Carry on" kind of way. Obviously she largely only finds out what she already knows as all TV shows are heavily researched.

However I have the idea that the bias is largely a counter point to the obvious issues we can see on the screen. For example she isn't keen on " free love" but we she goes to the free love commune. She "thinks" Geisha are prostitutes but finds they are not.. However if you saw the mail order bride episode, as the issues became more serious, regarding the criminal record of some of the men and the way some of the women were ripping off the more honest participants, she cut that out rapidly and really made the organiser / owner of the company squirm.

I have contacted her about a couple of issues and hope to get a reply, if I do I will let you know.

I watched seriously dirty dancing last night that Dawn Porter did and it was fabby I think shes ace xx