📦 Delivery Update

Hello everyone!

As you may recall, we began our partnership with Evri as a delivery service last year. As we continue to grow and improve, we want to ensure that you are informed every step of the way.

To that end, we wanted to share some news with you. We will be expanding our service with Evri to include more areas, but only those that perform exceptionally well.

While this means more areas will be served by Evri, the majority of you will continue to receive your orders via Royal Mail.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how things go with Evri as we roll out to new areas, to ensure we continue to bring you the best service possible.



Thanks @Lovehoney_Brenna,

Since the switch i’ve actually found that the EVRI deliveries have been quicker for me. But I am aware that many people have issues still with Evri - due to the hit-and-miss of their couriers…but as i said I’ve currently no complaints.

I think as long as there’s still an option to choose then im sure people will be happy!


I agree, if I have my deliveries to my work place with EVRI in Edinburgh they’re absolutely fine, the delivery guy is super nice.

Can’t fault royal mail either to be honest, if they come to work.

At my home address, that’s where I have issues with both. Both have been caught leaving deliveries in plain site on my door step, rather than hiding them in my recycling boxes.


I’m ok with either service. I have a good EVRI delivery person but I think there should be a choice as not everyone is as lucky.


I agree with @JoCat my Evri driver is brilliant but I’ve had friends that have had some awful experiences so a choice would be good.

I’ve never had a problem with either so happy either way


Our Evri guy is a legend. Never had an issue at all, always on time and always knows where to put parcels if we’re not in. :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Keep to royal mail. Evri in east mids is awful


I’m fortunate enough to live in the next street to the Royal Mail delivery office. :joy_cat:

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I’m in Australia and noticed that Australia Post is getting slower and slower each time just about

Royal mail for me every time
The Evri/Hermes only period was grim

Never evri for me our local evri driver will either throw stuff over the hedge or leave it road side next to the hand gate.

Evri for me are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Items thrown over gates, left in bins or just left in plain sight.
Royal mail every time.


Many online retailers now use Evri and I never understand why.

Evri in my area are the worse delivery company iv known they are no better now than when they were Hermes.

DPD & Royal Mail are far better and more reliable than Evri.

I regularly post products (Pop Vinyl trader) & only ever use Royal Mail with absolutely no issues.

Evri have terrible experiences “drivers going to wrong address” “drivers bumping deliver on door steps” and as far as receiving many damaged items. Read Trustpilot reviews of Evri

This decision by LoveHoney is a negative one & im sure they will come to regret this partnership.


I like how Evri take a photo of the doorstep they left your package on so you can go round your local neighbourhood trying to match it up

Given the poor record from Evri in some areas, I don’t think I’d want them delivering our sex toys to the wrong house and the neighbours “accidentally” finding a giant dildo with our name on it . It would make me think twice about placing the order if I couldn’t try the delivery driver to keep my order private.

I just hope you’ll allow us to choose. RM is far more professional and discrete for me. I would choose them over any service to be honest. Evri is always very hit and miss.

I think I must be one of the few that’s disappointed this hasn’t rolled out to my address, especially if Lovehoney allow parcels to be diverted to the In Post lockers.

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We have a new Evri delivery person who is very efficient, can’t fault them.

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