Design your own special offer

Like many people I do love a bargain. Sometimes I find myself emming and ahhhing over a purchase and just cant help but hope it gets its own special offer. (be reasonable!)

I thought it might be a bit of fun to share your own special offer wish. For me it would currently be 2 for £20 on all mens underwear. Or perhaps something for a discount for all Tenga products.

What would yours be?

"Spend £100 and get your next £100 on us"
Or perhaps periods when oh points are worth double.

Double OH points would be brill boots and tesco do the same kind of thing not sure about other loyalty cards

More plus sizes offers, 3 pairs knickers get chemise half price.

Ohhhh double Oh! Points sounds like a great idea! I'm frantically collecting them at the moment, not sure I could resist a double points offer :|

amandammmm wrote:

Free boob job with this bra!!!

Yep, I second this Amanda.

I agree. id be tempted in with some double points! Im British who doesnt love points?

An offer on the stronic drei so i can finally have an excuse to buy it!

in a dream world the RO rabbit half price + free

in reality double or even triple points would be nice

Double points! Or an offer on harnesses so I can finally get myself a Spareparts Tomboi, or one on stainless steel toys...I can dream.

I love the offers Lovehoney already do :D, don't think i'd be able to make any good ones up, though I do wish some products where in offers that they aren't xx

I would've thought lots of people woulda come up with ideas for this thread :O xx

oooh Double OH points is a good one! LH do such good offers though, nearly all my purchases contain offers without even intending it to be this way.

a big for double Oh! points!

I think the NHS should partner with LH to ensure that every woman has toner balls which suit her.

Underwear in deal of the day offers

It even an underwear deal of the day

Purring-Pussy wrote:

a big for double Oh! points!

I second that! Got a set of the Bella kegels for toning up.... Felt that it was about time I put it through the gym!! Every lass should have these as much as a zumba workout DVD;)

I'd like to see lovehoney using the wealth of data they have about my interests to implement some direct marketing at my inbox to give me bespoke offers I just can't say no to.