Desire Olympics Quarter Finals - Remote Control Prostate Vibe vs Wand

It’s the last round of the Quarter Finals! Today the Remote Control Prostate Vibe takes on the Wand.

Which one of these is gonna take the last spot in the Semi-Finals and go up against the Stainless Steel Dildo?

  • Remote Control Prostate Vibe
  • Wand

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Not sure what the Desire Olympics is? Check out this thread:

Remember, if you win the final competition you can only pick your prize from the products you voted for.


Wand for the win!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This should be the final!!

Wand every time

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I’m sure it won’t win but have to for the prostate massager for the hubby, he deserves it

Cant say no to a wand

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The wand!!

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The wand! :smiley:

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Now this is unfair influence @Lovehoney_Brenna …both links go to the prostate vibe! :rofl:

Wand for me!

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Gotta vote for the prostate massager

It’s got to be the wand surely.

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Easy one, Wand!!

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I definitely choose the wand! Can’t go wrong with it, and I love it’s non conventional shape!

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Got to be the wand. :slightly_smiling_face: #nubbin #BaguetteMagique

Going to have to be selfish here and choose the wand!! Although I do like using prostate massagers on partners!

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The remote prostate vibe is my winner in this round.

Prostrate Vibe all the way for me.

The wand looks beautiful and effective :wink: definitely gets my vote!

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