Desire Olympics Semi Finals - G-Kiss vs G-Spot Vibe

Good afternoon Olympians!

Welcome to the Semi Finals of the Desire Olympics, today the G-Kiss takes on the G-Spot Vibe.

Which one of these lovelies do you think should be heading into the Final?

  • G-Kiss
  • G-Spot Vibe

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Not sure what the Desire Olympics is? Check out this thread:

Remember, if you win the final competition you can only pick your prize from the products you voted for.

The G-spot Vibe for me, makes me melt just looking at that :heart_eyes:

#TeamBullet #Travesty


It’s the G kiss for us

I think Mrs Onlyones would enjoy the G-spot Vibe

G-spot vibe for me. I’d love to try the Kiss but I have a “spotty” record with rabbit-type toys.

The G spot does it every time

Once again, I agree with the majority (so far).
The clit-stimulating butterfly looks very promising! :star_struck:

Good afternoon Brenna, I hope you’re well.

It’s the G-Spot vibe getting my vote today, purely because I adore anything powerful against my G-Spot, I should imagine that the G-Kiss vibe is equally brilliant as I have a Lovehoney vibe that’s very similar and the power is great.:blush:

The G-spot Vibe

Oooooh I love the look of the G-Kiss!! Exciting…

G-kiss! :slight_smile:

Gotta be the G spot vibe, as revenge for the G kiss knocking out the bullet :joy: #TeamBullet

Have to say at the moment this looks closer than i thought it would be.

Got to go with the g-kiss because it’s different!

My vote goes to the G-kiss! It ooks like it will provide double stimulation-g spot and clitiral, so a 2 for 1 really :slight_smile: ! I have a similar toy that is my absolute favourite. Sensations are amazing. And gives me squirting orgasms!

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@Lovehoney_Brenna G Spot Vibe for me! X

G-Kiss gets my vote out of curiosity