Dildos or vibrators

I bought my first sex toy last year (I was 21), I decided to go for a vibrator with being a beginner I thought it'd be easier to let the toy do most of the work. I love my vibrators and want many more, but I just bought my first dildo and I'm just curious to what people prefer.

Does anyone prefer dildos to vibrators or vice versa?

Does the size matter more if it's a dildo?

Is bigger better . . To make up for it not buzzing

I much prefer dildos, then my husband does the work so to speak! However I just bought a rabbit, which is good for solo fun x

I prefer vibrators for solo fun and dildo's for couple play x

We prefer dildos to vibes. Then I can use the on my wife. Do like realistic ones but glass ones are our favourites.

I actually prefer dildos to vibrators. A dildo paired with some sort of clit vibe is just amazing lol

I prefer dildos generally. Preferably glass or metal for temperature play. I do have a couple of great vibrators, but usually dildos are my first choice.

Cool, quite excited for my dildo to arrive!

I started with vibrators but the more I get into dildos, the more I like them. I prefer internal stimulation to clit stimulation which may have something to do with it. Mainly I just like the variety of shapes, textures, and materials you get with dildos. My Ceramix dildo is my favourite toy.

I have always been a big fan of vibrators especially for external stimulation however recently I have been looking into gettng my first dildo as I want to try something different. It's interesting to see how many people prefer dildos and now I cant wait to try one :)

I prefer vibrators, as I find it easier to orgasm using vibrator. However I love my Njoy dildo, which is one of the few which make me regurarly reach orgasm. For the other dildos, I do need to be in the right mood to use them.

When I use dildos, I go for glass and ideally from the fridge, as it makes the sensation more intense. I dont generally enjoy soft dildos, like silicone, as they dont seem to stimulate me enough during my solo play.

I love both vibrators and dildo. I'm trying to think of an occasion when I haven't been greedy and not used both.

I prefer dildos over vibrators.

I'm not a fan of internal vibrations so I only use vibes for clit stim, most of the time I even prefer manual clit stmulation over vibrations. I can live without a vibrator but penetration is essential :]

Kittycat102 wrote:

I actually prefer dildos to vibrators. A dildo paired with some sort of clit vibe is just amazing lol

This :)!

MysticalMayhem wrote:

Dildos for internal stimulation and vibes I use externally. :)

This is me too. I need both, usually, so I don't have a preference.

Depends what mood. I have more vibrators, but some days I just want a dildo. I am getting more and more into internal orgasms, so my preference may sway towards dildos over time. Bascially, vibrator=quick orgasm, dildo=usually stronger orgasm.

I've finally ordered my first dildo :) I can't wait to try it out.

I am more of a vibrator girl... but I have a newer suction cup dildo I have been enjoying so definately depends on the mood.

I´m a 19 year old girl and I love dildos + fingers (+ sometimes buttplug) the most! I don´t really care for vibrators at all, but I did just invest in a eroscillator, because I heard it´s like a very fast finger :)

I don´t like vibrators for many reasons... They numb my clit fast, the orgasms are less strong, orgasms are less satisfying :)

And I love dildos because when I get warmed up I feel like my vagina is one big clitoris :D It´s something I didn´t always have, but after playing with a lot of dildos and g-spotting it has become more relevant and stronger! It´s the best :D

My wife prefers her vibrators to her dildo, she likes to use her vibrator during foreplay. But prefers her dildo for solo use.