Dirty Talking during sex

Do girls like guys to tell them how much they are enjoying being fucked and speaking dirty to them? i enjoy both but not sure if the girls enjoy telling them to fuck me harder ;-)

Hi wicklow - I'm sure you have a good tongue in your head (no pun intended - well, maybe a wee bit) so ask her/ them! Every woman is different and what one likes won't be the same as another. A bit of chat, maybe a look at some erotic dialogue together and say "would you like that?". Good luck :-)

personally speaking i love it!!!,,,he asks me "do you like that,do you wantit harder,deeper",,,it gets to a point were i end up telling him to screw my harder and faster

Yea i agree Bride2b it is good for the girl to tell her man what she likes and how she likes it :-) it is such a turn on when u know u r doing it well and she is enjoying it more and more :-)

TBH - I'm not sure...I know he likes it, and even if it's not doing anything for me I'm happy to go along with it when he wants because I know it turns him on. Sometimes though I do enjoy it though, because it makes it easier to tell him what I want and get my own way in a sexy-roundabout-way :) and the thought of what hes going to do to me... :P

i really wish my BF would talk dirty to me during sex, esp now he has his own place so we can just do and make as much noise as we want. but sadly he wont as he says it makes him feel stupid and that its just not him at all. :-( though he used to say no to spanking and now his always doing that to me :P and he used to bit a bit not into toys and now he has his own so maybe one day he will talk dirty to me and tie me up and stuff :p (one lives on hope!)!

i sometimes say dirty stuff to my OH and it soon heats and fastens things up!


I'm not sure... I'd say I'm in the 'not talking dirty' camp. Mainly because it can just feel a bit silly and contrived at times! Poor Elcano used to ask all time if what he was doing was good, did I like that, or tell me to 'relax' and 'let go' when we very first got together and it really put me off! He's aware of this now btw! I said once 'I don't want a running commentary!' Plus when he was saying 'relax...just let go' it had the oppostite effect! I was relaxing and trying to get into the orgasm zone mentally (it's a joint effort after all!) and him saying that just made me lose it all together and feel a bit annoyed to boot!

I think he's far more into talking than me still. Sometimes if i'm touching him he'll be asking questions 'Do you want me to do X', 'does it feel nice when I'm inside you?' etc but I never know what to reply so I just meekly say 'yes'! I did recently say, after I was really turned on when he was touching me, 'Are you going to fuck me when you've made me cum?' or something like that - but that's about my lot! I think I tend to expres what I want more through my body language or moans etc. Sometimes I'll say 'mmm that feels good' but mostly it's probably guess work with me LOL

Sometimes I'm thinking 'Ooo yeah, fuck me harder!' but if I said it I think it'd just sound stupid, like I was trying to reenact some dodgy porn... but my preferences expand all the time so who knows! Maybe I'll be well into having a good old chat throughout proceedings in the future!

As the others say, everyone's different so I'd just ask the woman in question. Or test the waters by maybe saying a couple of things and see if she gets into it or not. I wouldn't immediately start off by shouting 'You filthy little whore! You love it don't you, you dirty slut!' or anything of that nature though

Maybe you could say something 'nice' like' You're so sexy' or 'You're so beautiful' etc. Or 'It feels so good being inside you' and see if she seems to like that or not? It's still talking during sex but it's 'nice' and not too full-on to test the waters.

I thought everyone talked during sex, when i met my husband and he didn't it was quite a shock! I think it and it just comes out!

I think when you're having the kind of sex I would describe as "fucking" rather than "making love" talking dirty is fantastic...my OH has a very sexy voice (especially during sex when it gets deeper and huskier) and he says all sorts to turn me on! Sometimes he'll suggest a scenario and describe a scene we could be in like a threesome but othertimes he just says what feels nice. Pretty much anything he says makes me horny though!


Hell yeah! *Fuck me harder baby I'm gonna cum deep inside your fucking. . . . * errm. . . Yep, my OH does. SG69 x

Personally I love it when my fella talks dirty, especially during rough sex!! He has to judge my mood though, if I want slow, gentle sex then the last thing I want is any dirty talk. Like others have said, every woman is different, she may love it or she might be offended. Best thing you can do is talk about it or come up with a way of testing the waters so to speak.

I've found the direct approach works for me. If I know what I want, i'm not afraid to bring it up with my OH. Or if i'm feeling shy, i'll suggest we browse lovehoney together and this often triggers the conversation I want to have!

As for me talking dirty to him....i'm much more shy. I will on occasions just go for it. Like last night I just had to tell him how much I wanted to be fucked hard...but again it depends on the mood!


Aww, you guys!

I think I'm the same with sometimes I want it gentle and I'd be upset if Elcano got 'rough' but sometimes I want him to hold my arms down or whatever and it to be more like fucking.

Just ask the woman how she feels!

I love talking dirty to my hubby, he's a little shy with that, but it turns me on more, he will do it sometimes which makes it more exciting, i don't think it would have the same effect if we did it every time though


Mrs Belle loves it when Mr Belle tells her all the nasty things he's like to do with her, and invents scenarios involving toys, bondage, other people (both men and women), especially in conjuction with her using a toy. The scenarios may just be fantasies, with us having no intention of doing them, but it takes both her and him higher. For instance, many times Mrs Belle asks for anal as a result of Mr Belle whispering about DP, or her asking to be tied up and 'raped'

We also have ended up doing some of the fantasies, as Mrs Belle has found out what turns her on. This includes threesomes and exhibitionism.

Sometimes though, Mrs Belle likes a more romantic approach, at least to start with. That means little or no dirty talk.

I suppose the thing to do is either ask, or start small, with suggestions of what you would like to do to her whispered in a 'non threatening' way in her ear. If she likes it you will be sure to know!


I love hearing a man talk dirty and being honest about what they like, as in, if I'm doing something and the perso tells me they ike it andwant more of the same, also I like plain filth and love being filthy verbally too, not all the time, sometimes I'm feeling romantic but I can be really filthy sometimes especially when I'm about to come, if the man is like wise all the better I think, it does give me a thrill.

The OH is weird when it comes to this she is into me saying stuff to her until she is about to cum and then she will tell me to shut the f**k up so she can concentrate on cumming lol... women ya cant even get it right at any time lol

I like it when it's sexy... I don't like it when someone thinks I want to be an extra in a porn movie. I mean I like someone telling me what they are going to do to me, not telling me how much of a dirty bitch I am.

Personally I like as much oral as possible!

Joking aside it's a good confidence booster to know the other person is enjoying it and any quick advice as necessary ['Ooh that's good mmm just a bit lower/faster/higher/softer/harder' etc ] to make the session even better!

really turns me into a horny vixen fucking beast to know Im the entire source of their pleasure

sometimes I like someone saying what they will do to ME at other times I like to be told Im a dirty ho, that I'll be spanked/tied up/used/abused etc. But then I'm rather extreme I guess and have a voracious appetite for anything kinky...

I think I'm just a fickle person. One man can say anything to me and have me wet and willing in no time. Another man can say the same thing and I'm euwwwww get away from me <---but I think I know that's when the relationship has run it's course.