Dirty weekend away - accommodation

First time poster here, long time Lovehoney customer.

Im trying to build up a little directory of places to stay for naughty night away and have done a spot of online research.

I wanted to ask for anyones tips for Kinky Airbnbs, hotel rooms, hot tub suites or even dungeons (may be a step too far for Mrs Kink) where they have stayed or seen.

We are South East based hence the concentration on location in that area.

Below are 3 great places we have personally stayed in before and recommend all three:

Loft Hot Tub Suite - New Road Hotel, London. Hot tub on terrace, mirror above bed and above headboard. New Road Hotel

31B Urban Stays - Norwich. Super trendy room, bed made from scaffold poles (great for tying up to!) super high tech mood lighting, mirror above headboard, see through shower screen into main room. 31B Urban Stays

Brightons Sexiest little house - Very quirky property, 4 poster bed, freestanding bath, mirrored shower room, erotic library, looks of cool and quirky trinkets Brightons sexiest little house

Other spots I’ve found on my research I’d like to share with you or ask if you have had experience of staying at any of these places:

Sanctum Southampton

The Kinky penthouse Brighton

The Brighton Dungeon

The boutique dungeon Brighton

Who’d a thought it Maidstone

The secret dungeon


Finally Please add any recommendations you have either stayed at or that has caught your eye online and hopefully we will have a great resource for people in the forum to use for those much needed dirty weekends away !


We have stayed at the who said thought it. It was pre covid though.
The food was lovely.
We stayed in 2 different rooms.
One had a hot tub outside, free standing bath and separate bathroom. Big bed and living
The second room was smaller but had sexy art on the walls. Room was very red and there were mirrors above the bed. Nothing special about bathroom.


Hellooooooo sorry never been that far down…


Great idea. Since we had the kids, every year we have a weekend away for our anniversary and send them to Nan & Grandads, so always on the look out for places to go for a bit of ‘us’ time. We were thinking of Brighton next year so thanks for the suggestions!

The Hideaway just outside Dundee couldn’t be much further from the South East but is fantastic. Not ‘kinky’ as such but private, with a hot tub, massive bathroom and shower, sauna, log burner, Sonos sound system and lots of inside and outside space.

Panshill lodges are a similar idea on a smaller scale just north of Oxford. Not as good as the Hideaway but does have the benefit of being a mile up the road from the michelin starred Nut Tree Inn so can get an amazing dinner!

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The Hideaway looks superb - absolutely fits the bill and a worth an addition to the directory, thanks Kneeslider !

Now to plot a route from Surrey to Dundee !!!

Don’t have anything to add but subbing to thread to get some ideas!

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Also Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton and Crazy Bear in Beaconsfirld


Thanks Browneyedgril1 - have you stayed at either and if so which rooms ?

Hotel Pelirocco opened a new room earlier this year called Taboo. which looks great

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Great thread, thanks for the recommendations already. Looking for somewhere sexy and fun for our anniversary later in the year, the main websites you search don’t really have an option for that so following with interest and will report back anything we find!

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Hey welcome to the forum dude. These sound very kinky and fun, never tried one myself but who knows what future shall behold lol


Look like some great places to stay and have some fun, great recommendations :star_struck::+1:


No I haven’t but would like to! That’s why I knew of them as have been researching. Let me know how you get on if you go to one…


Never knew these places existed! Any in London?


I think half the battle with hot tub places is finding ones which are actually private, sometimes find they are a bit too visible for my liking….if anyone has recommendations for NW places that would be great!


Just bumping this one back up there to see if we can get some more recommendations into the database !!!

Been looking for a week now, and most of the Google recommendations are the same as already mentioned and I cannot find anywhere secluded with a hot tub - I’ve looked on AirBnB, all the usual searches etc but nothing really of note anywhere stretching from Dorset to South Yorkshire.

What about these places @AJandLM - all have private hot tubs:

The Gilpin

The fish hotel

The White Horse

@Kink great suggestions there, :clap::clap:


All three look great, thanks - not available for the dates I’m looking for but will save them for a later date for sure!

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Not overly kinky but definitely planning on dirty :laughing:, OH & I have booked a weekend in December at Faweather Grange in Yorkshire. Gorgeous little secluded log cabins with hot tubs.