Do people enjoy watching a partner masturbate?

A quick question do you enjoy watching your partner masturbate with or without toys ? Or is it just to make us feel good lol. And do you actually enjoy the cumshot or does it gross you out ?


I enjoy watching but he doesn’t get to do it much because I can’t keep my hands off! :rofl:


My wife certainly does.

She likes to watch me kneel next to her and stroke myself with my hand or a sleeve till I come on her breasts.

She particularly likes to put me on the fuxxing machine or the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch with my hands cuffed so that she can control the speed and keep me on edge till she decides that she wants to see me come .


Haha that fare enough and good :yum: I love having a play in front of my partner just at times I think is she just enjoying for my pleasure haha :joy: don’t complain lol .

What machine is that it sounds fun :rofl::rofl:


I love to watch, we will regularly masturbate watching each other. Though more often than not we are looking at each others faces rather than what our hands are doing with just quick glances down every now and again.


I love watching him masturbate, I get turned on by watching him. So much so that I give him a blowjob while he does it. Or I get my hands on him, and take over :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: he loves it when I do either of them. And what’s even more enjoyable, is if he finishes on my face or in my mouth :yum:


Haha yeah we tend to just look at each other faces until we cum lol well I cum first than make her cum lol

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Sounds like a good time and you know what to do haha and to let him finish on your face mmmm wow only she would allow me to it’s horny …

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He usually orgasms first and then either cums in my mouth or on me and we share his cum or he cums on my fingers and I use it as lube :smiling_imp:


It’s always a good time :smirk: I always make sure he finishes first, so I can use his as lube when he enters me :melting_face:


That just sounds like heaven and naughty :wink: love the fact you use it as lube though mmmm


Double orgasm than for you than :wink: lol

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Heaven :ok_hand::yum:


Haha will have to let me know how that feels been a while had a double orgasm haha

It’s not a LH product so I can’t give you specifics I’m afraid.


My wife says she likes watching my face when im riding my butt plug on its stool

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Yes love it when she uses her wand, sets things up for later on, oh loves doing it outside if possible

I just love watching

Ya, I love watching Mrs. Val. It actually teaches me about speed, depth, pressure so that I can do what she does. Sometimes I think she gets annoyed when she wants to cum and I am all over the place.

It’s a fantastic learning tool…

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