Do women actually enjoy facesitting?

Hi all, I was just curious...

This is really because I've never found a woman who was into sitting on the face of a man or even another woman, which is kinda sad because it's one of my biggest fantasies and I suppose I had always assumed (wrongly!) that it would be sort of a fun thing for a woman to do.

I was just wondering (this isn't a meet-up call, I'm only asking) if women ever actually do enjoy facesitting? Or is it just something you do for your partner's sake if they like it?

If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it most?

If you don't like it, is there a reason?


I've done it many times,but it makes me feel weird for some reason.Maybe if i'm in the right (dominant) mood,i might enjoy it,but the times that I did it- I guess I wasn't.

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A couple of threads that might be helpful :) x

Generally no, it's not something I enjoy but I'm not a big fan of receiving blow jobs anyway. I always feel somewhat awkward.

However not so very long ago we were experimenting with bringing my inner dom out and I'd tied him up and blindfolded him. In this position, I really enjoyed facesitting but I think that was more the feeling of dominance and being able to tease him by drawing away just when he wanted more. That was definitely a turn on.

I use to find it awkward, I think it was because they was up close and personal that made me feel that way. I don't feel awkward with it now and quite happily do it but I still never initiate it.

I think I would worry about suffocating him too much!

I'm not a fan, I still find it too up close and personal, even when I am with someone I am extremely comfortable with otherwise.

I really love it! But I would never have the confidence to just go and sit on my husbands face! Often when we've ended up in that position it's felt amazing! But I always feel a bit awkward about it, because although not all my weight is on him, I wouldn't want him to become uncomfortable but not be able to say much more than a mumble! I think it's that aspect of nervousness that puts me off outright sitting on his face.

I agree with you MrsMcX, I do love it but I can never orgasm like that because I'm always too wary that I'm going to be too much weight and it'll be uncomfortable. Especially as I get what I call Bambi legs when I orgasm. Much easier to relax when you don't have to think about these things.

I'd personally love it if my OH would sit on my face, but she's doesnt feel comfortable doing it, which after reading women on here makes sense. I have only done it once with an ex but would love to try it again. I suppose if a woman is in the right mood and you get in that positon it could be tunred into a 69 but she could sit up and pleasure they guy by hand.

I love doing this ,it feels so good ,my hubby seems to really enjoy it ,but I normally only do this when he tells me too x

I love love love facesitting and so does my girlfriend, I think like basically everything it's just something that varies from person to person. Some people are going to be into it, some people aren't.

I worry about suffocating a man doing it! I get the bambi legs when I cum too, so I literally flop and can't push myself back up. Though a male friend of mine has told me that if he could choose any death then death by drowning in pussy would be ideal! I also worry about the intimacy of it, it feels so personal. When I'm in the right frame of mind and good physical form it's bloody lovely though!

I think a lot of women could do with some assurance that they're not going to suffocate the guy - seriously we're fine and some of us really like it!

In fact the problem is more often the opposite, women feel they need to try so hard to keep their weight off they end up way to high up and we get a really stiff neck reaching up to you!

I have done it but i just feel weird and odd. I guess like a few of the other people on here its just up close and personal. I like the idea of tieing the other person up and blind folding them sounds and interesting way

I like it the same as I like my partner doing it to me :)

But we don't actually site on each other's face or above it :)

If I'm in the right mood I love doing this, it makes me feel in charge, powerful and sexy.

I enjoy the feeling but feel awkward about how much I can push down and feel uncomfortable holding my own weight up

I love it

kitty x

I love doing this! I don't find it particularly embarassing at all, in fact its probably one of the least embarassing things I could think of doing sexually (for me). My hubby loves it and it really turns me on that he is enjoying himself. Gotta have good strong thigh muscles though :D

I adore my wife doing this. If you are fit enough and worried about suffocation and how heavy. One option is to squat over his face folding head board for support. This way you can really tease him just bobbing on to his face driving yourself on to him. This is such a wonderful way to show your body off , you can't see how great it makes it all look. I think woman feel a bit weird because it's very dominant and a little lavertorial. If you are able to overcome this it is just amazing for your man.