Do women actually enjoy facesitting?

Really keen on trying this with my wife - hopefully she’ll indulge me. giving oral and I’m finding my fantasies are getting more and more submissive. If she feels self conscious about me seeing her she can always blindfold me :slight_smile:

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It has been years since I had may wife face sit on me . Her along with almost every other woman I was intimate with sure seemed to enjoy it . Some would get a little too wild and several times I had to request a breather , literally . Fond memories of seeing my face in a mirror after a woman came all over my face , some times it almost looked like I ate a bowl of ice cream without using a spoon . I guess I rather enjoyed it myself , I would lick until I would get a tongue cramp . Memories !

I’m not sure it would be my wife’s first choice but she does it because she knows I like it, especially for rimming, but either way she always has a great time while she’s up there.

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I don’t mind doing it, but prefer to be on my back, and tbh I’m not too bothered about receiving oral, if it happens it happens, I prefer giving it than receiving it, but he is amazing at what he can do with his tongue

Omg yes yes and yes!! Nothing hotter than riding a face, I love pulling his head around to really get in the right spots. I like it more than lying on my back as he or she can really get stuck in :yum:


Tried face sitting once, did nothing for me and found it uncomfortable. I love oral but prefer to be on my back.

I can take or leave it and I do prefer oral whilst lay down as I’m more relaxed but my OH loves it. He cannot get enough and I’m not a small woman! I think a lot of women are hindered by physical insecurities but sometimes you’ve just got to let go. I’m always worried I’ll suffocate him but he’s insistent I get on there :joy:
The moans I elicit from him are like nothing else I must say.


I can’t say that I enjoy it from a receiving point of view. I do it sometimes when I’m really turned on by pleasuring my OH, it brings out my dominant side (which is surprising as it’s not my natural preference) especially if he’s asked me to tie his hands to the bed! It’s always as part of a 69 or while I’m giving him a hand job (hate that term for some reason).

My wife wasn’t keen when I first asked her to do this for me. She normally likes to take a submissive role but will do this that I need to ask her for rather than something that she chooses to do by herself. I love her facing me rather than 69 as I find it easier to focus on one thing at a time and I love the view of her breasts as she’s sat on me.

Once in position she does relax and will often orgasm grinding herself on my mouth which I love.

I love it!. Not much more pleasurable than receiving oral like this.


I love it also. Nothing is more of a turn on then holding my guy firmly in place by me sitting on his face. I do it anally for him too, it is so hot.

Def one of my fav things to do.


When horny enough my wife loves it and has to hold on to the headboard to steady herself.
It’s something we both enjoy but she can’t do it for too long as she orgasms too quickly from it.

She normally does it before lying on top of me in a 69 but occasionally after I’ve finished in her so I can pick her clean.

Another vote for love it. It gets me so fired up

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My OH is nervous about it but she always has a good time once she’s up there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love it, but my wife finds it a bit base.:frowning:

I love pussy in my face, through factsitting, 69 or just eating pussy, I’ve spoken to my wife about it and I think alot of women have the same feeling about facesitting, they are too worried about hurting their other half to relax enough to enjoy it.

The FULL weight of my partner on my face is the best part for me, being used for her pleasure and having her cum in that position is heavenly for me, I will admit to loving sexually dominant women