Do you have fetishes? What gets you going.

What gets you fired up and heated :)

Answering the same questions over and over again.

I'm new on here, interested and having fun.
Didn't know that there's other threads with all this no doubt it's already been said.

Just starting a convo that's all.

Sum Sub, you don't have to answer.

AJ - might be handy to do a search for previous threads and comment on them as that bumps them up 😊 as it is, I've just looked and most of the threads are more a 'would you ever'/weirdest/when did you realise/dealing with shame so I think you're alright starting a new one 😁

AJ' S wrote:

I'm new on here, interested and having fun.
Didn't know that there's other threads with all this no doubt it's already been said.

Just starting a convo that's all.

Don't worry about it honestly! , and you weren't to know! It annoys some people that's all. I like sensual massaging for one! How about yourself?

And in answer to your question:

Spanking really gets me going as a first step, but my fetish is being bound and 'forced' to do things like giving/receiving oral - basically having the control taken from me 😍

Being submissive is a big one for me. I love to be restrained and taken. Mmm.

Yeap spanking and restraints for me too please.

Bondage - rope, chains, spreader bars, blindfolds, mouth gags.

Rough - hair pulling, throat grabbing/light choking, general manhandling

Lingerie - stockings/suspenders, tights/fishnets, knee high socks

Costumes/cosplay - schoolgirl, maid, nurse, cheerleader, onesies

Petites, older mature women


Forced/multiple orgasms, squirting, nipple clamps

Those are the strongest ones that come to mind... so yeah, just a couple! ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)![](upload://aybhjky1mPlgqoACHVsxChgZRPM.gif)

A fetish for me is 40s and 50 s undies . I just luv em on a woman

Ha ok, I guess I'll search beforehand ;)

For me, I like to watch for a while and be teased, summer dresses where you get a glimpse whilst she's touching herself, it's the whole anticipation thing.
I also love sex in water showers baths etc... Something really horny about that, love it! I also love wet messy sex, big cums and lots of Gushing or squirting

So much turns me on sex is the most beautiful thing.

Recently feet have given me a turn on too, and being dominated like hard massages on my cock and balls with feet and heavy facesitting so I can feast on the pussy and bum that for me is a real turn on.

May seem boring or whatever but I'm learning to open up a lot more :) That's one of the purposes I'm very curious.


Lingerie for me

Lingerie for me too, especially black.

Giving my partner the biggest orgasm I can. I'll do almost anything she wants as long as it will turn her on and make her cum hard. And then cum again. ;)

Restraining her and giving her forced orgasms. (Kinda ties in with above :) )

I love black men. Not sure if it's a fetish though!

As for sex, I love double penetration and anything BDSM-y, being bound and tied up, gagged/blindfolded really gets me going

Being tied up/restrained


Light choking

Hair pulling

Neck biting

Back scratching



Then again I don't suppose some of those come into the fetish catagory - but they certainly get me going ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Women in latex for me. Something so alluring about the skin tight look. Oh and my OH dominating me.

I have a different fetish to what most have posted on here..

I have a massive smoking fetish, mainly cigars

I have other fetishes as well which I will post another time..

Sph for me, my wife likes to make fun of my little one. Eg always calls it cute, tells me to try harder and laughs when I do, tells me I'll never reach where other guys cocks have been in her etc etx.We love it! She thinks it's hilarious.

Spanking and anal.....and spanking and anal.......and spanking and anal