Do you like to see you man in mens thongs or have you bought them for him

When we are in a kinky mood we swap our underwear its fun but she has allways said its a no no for men to wear thongs normally

I do love to wear thongs,my g/f had allways said men in thongs is a nono doesn't turn her on at all.

But i went out and bought some without her knowing,then when we were out in the pub i told her what i was wearing she didn't belive me so we went in the corner of the pub and i undone my trousers so she could take a peep,then i let her put her hand down the back of the trousers so she could feel my bum.

She was really shocked 5minutes later she tells me she is a bit excited and a bit wet thinking what they they look like on me,so every now and then she would want to feel them on me

A little bit later i took her outside and i droped my trousers to show her my front,she really did like them,she asked me to turn around so she could see my bum she like that even more,all i can say is when we got home her thongs were quite damp and the sex that night was A++++

I only own thongs i want to get a GString but i hate the look of mens ones pouches turn me off

So you have heared how my g/f likes them on me,now why do i wear them apart from making my g/f excited....

Well they are very comfortable to wear

When i wear them i feel sexy maybe because thongs are meant for women so it makes me feel naughty

I like the feel of my cock resting nicely on my balls,instead of my cock dangling down when i wear boxershorts

I love the feeling of my bum being exposed when someone brushes up behind me you can feel it,when my g/f touches my bum if feels much nicer that when i wear boxershorts

I just love the feeling of wearing them

I go as far as briefs for a bit of tightness.
Obviously everything I wear on my crotch is skin tight from the python I keep down there cough*lies*cough.

I'd feel a bit of a prat in a thong, no offence.
If my gf wanted to feel my arse she could just put her hands down my boxers. I mean, she's just put them down my trousers. One layer extra won't hurt.

The Mrs would dump me if she saw me in a blokes thong, the thought is just sickening to her. The only people that wear them are middle aged french men pretending to be young on the beach in San Tropez aren't they? Wearing one of her thongs is a bit different though as that's a bit of a laugh and a bit dirty too. She thinks my arese looks better than hers in her underwear, who am I to say, i've never had a good view of mine...

Dont get me wrong i wear normal underwear most of the time,but wearing thongs just adds to the excitment and naughtyness

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brought some for my man at xmas he laughed and hid them :( dont think ill b seeing him in them netime soon!

You'd be surprised how many men have contacted us looking for a male version of the C String:

Hence the Ballbra!

oooh might have 2 c wot he thinks wont buy till he says so other wise hell prob just hide it again lol!

I had been looking at those for my g/f,but i never thought about having a mens version,but if there was knowing me i would try one out

My wife loves ny collection of thongs...and yes, I am middle aged (but not French) Each to their own I suppose. Mind you, I have been in the gym quite a lot for the last 8 months, and so physically i seem to be able to get away with it. She says she prefers the see through ones best. Her eis a good male undies site:

The site is geared more to the gay market, but there is some good stuff in there as well if you both get turned on by thongs.

I think it depends on the thong and people involved. Peter Stringfellow has a bad habit of wearing them and that's just scary!

But on some men I think they'd look OK.

Personally I'd prefer tight black trunks because I don't think you can go wrong with those on any man regardless of physique etc yum yum ;)

love thongs too - especially manstore (German) ones which are like lingerie for men. get mine from they feel very sexy and the great thing about them is you dont need to take them off for sex - great if you're in the open somewhere and might be disturbed.

Sometimes if im feeling a bit weird about wearing thongs,ill put my boxershorts over the top,you then forget that you are wearing thongs

I have worn strings for year and get brief ones from Kiniki. My wife now accepts that tese are the ones for me as I have thrown out all my slighty larger Sloggi/M&S briefs etc.

In the last 3 months my master has told me to wear female lingerie so I have arange of thongs which my wife has not seen and would not approve of. They just hold my bits and are fun

Hmmm thongs on men doesn't do it for me at all, I wouldn't mind if my OH wore one as I'd find him sexy in anything (or nothing!) Luckily his tastes are a lot like mine - tight black or grey boxer shorts (preferably CK)!


I'd look ridiculous in a thong so not for me I'm afraid. I haven't got an arse to carry it off either, you need some booty I would imagine!

SG69 x

I've never seen ANY bloke look nice in a thong, nice tight black or white boxers for my hubby every time.

If MY husband was wearing women's underwear with neither my knowledge or approval I would have his balls off!

spankmebaby wrote:

If MY husband was wearing women's underwear with neither my knowledge or approval I would have his balls off!

bit dramtic, id only have my OH's balls off if he was cheating on me!



I class anything sexual ( or otherwise) that is kept secret from a partner as cheating, whether it's physical or not..

It does nothing for me - I like my men manly and dominant in the sack, so anything emasculating is a turn off - and frilly knickers are definitely emasculating in my book!! No, I'm with the lobby group prefering smart well fitting plain black/white boxers. But each to their own, if it works for you go do it.

SS xx

Nothing tight for my man - unless its a corset for Rocky Horror!!!