Don't like cum in my mouth

Basically I want to like it but I just don't, it's the amount, the speed, the texture, the taste all of it.

i would love to be able to allow hubby to finish in my mouth, any tips on how ? Please

Well taste is pretty easy - plenty of threads on here of things to eat and avoid (generally pineapple good, coffee bad).

The others are going to be a bit more tricky!

Keep a wet flannel/baby wipe next to you, spit it out when he's not looking.
I literally cannot give you any tips on how to make it better, last time I tried to take my partner's load I nearly threw up on the spot, so I hope someone can give you actual ideas. I have tried having something sweet in my mouth, changed the position so it hits my inside cheek, flavoured lube, filling my mouth with my saliva so it dilutes it - still absolutely rotten! I kinda think some people are just not built to enjoy it!

As for pineapple, I found that made him taste more acidic!

I think this is either something you like or you don't . If it's taste then there are things to eat or avoid that can help but speed and texture is a lot more difficult. The only thing I can think of is maybe get your partner to masturbate and come beforehand so that when he's ready to go again there's a chance that you could get a bit less of a mouthful and it might not have such a speedy delivery but this doesn't necessarily work for everybody .

Other than that there's only the spitting it out solution , plenty of people do it and if it really makes you gag then there's no way round it.

I don't think there is a way round it. It's awful. I've avoided giving my husband oral for years because the thought of the cum made me want to throw up.

After about 7 years of very 'occasional' blow jobs, I've started giving them regularly. Recently I'd admitted that it would turn me on if he came on me in the shower after oral, which he happily obliged and then I told him I had hated oral as the taste and texture of his stuff was awful. He went on to tell me he'd accidentally tasted it when he got it on his hands and hadn't washed properly and agreed it was vile and that he didn't expect me to take his cum in my mouth. This made me feel tonnes better and a lot more confident in doing it.

I'm happy for him to come on me and it suits us fine. Maybe talk to him and let him know how you feel x

I never thought I'd be able to do it,,just the very thought of it would make me heave,,hubby loves a bj when I've got a mint in my mouth,,so it got me thinking that maybe I could let it happen and the mint would disguise the taste and with already having a lot of saliva going on then I wouldn't notice the fluid either,,and yep it worked,,but had to promptly spit once he was done,,wasn't sure who was more shocked him or me! I've only done it the once but I would do it again,,hope this is helpful for you,,

If you don't like it, don't do it. My OH tried it once, didn't like it so she has never done it again, it's not that big of a deal to me.

I can't give any advice as such as I love it, taste, texture etc.....everything about it.

However, I did read an article ages ago about a woman who couldn't stand it. She apparently got her hubby to frequently masturbate in a cup and then she mixed it with warm fruit juice and then drank it she said she couldn't taste it to start with as she used loads of juice. Over a period of time she reduced the quantity of juice until she could swallow it with just a tiny amout. She then kept a tiny amount of juice handy in a cup nearby when sucking him, told him to warn her when he was about to cum. She then took the juice into her mouth and then let him cum and she could swallow it like that.

No idea if it would work....... maybe worth trying though ? x

My two suggestions would be :

A) Suggest facials instead. This might be as equally rewarding for him and less concerning for you.

B)Have him ejacluate down your throat instead of into your mouth(particularly on your tongue). Again, a half way compromise of sorts

May the winds bring you wisdom,


I don't really have a lot to suggest. I really hate the taste, it makes me gag and ugh. They only way around it I've found, which isn't a solution but will do because I really like to make my Sir cum whilst on my knees at his feet, is to have a whole lot of spit built up (cheeks buldging type amount) and swallow as quickly as you can. Then I have a swig of strong sweet squash to cover it and we carry on :)

I hate it - my husband uses a condom. he can finish in my mouth and I don't have to swallow it. (we use condoms anyway).

Honestly, I think it's one of the most disgusting things in the world.

I've been able to take it a couple of times but it had to be under certain circumstances.

1) It had to be swallowed IMMEDIATELY so it didn't linger in my mouth 2) it had to be while deep throating so I didn't actually get any on my tongue 3) I prepared by having some juice/wine next to the bed to sip straight afterward. If I'm honest, these things meant I was actually okay with the experience. Every other time has been a complete disaster.x

Agree with bex. I have to swallow it immediately otherwise it makes me gag just thinking about it! I tend to throw my head back as i swallow and that helps it all go down without really noticing it.

i much prefer to swallow, but if i dont straight away then i notice how warm and thick it is and that makes me cringe!

I hate it but love the pre cum so I suck hubby of nearly every time we have sex but I don't let him cum I bring him to the edge then demand sex. We are trying to get pregnant so don't want to waste any unless its my time of the month then he gets to cum on my face or boobs.

My Mrs doesn't like it and I have never forced her. For me its no big deal and perhaps better than her vommiting all over me !

She just knows when to pull away at the right time so I don't lose any sensation.

My oh finds it easier in the shower she's not that keen on cum in her mouth but seemed to be getting more into it

You can buy a spray or tablets that temporarily numb your mouth to taste and subdue your gag reflex, but I haven't actually checked if LH stocks them. They sound up your alley.

LH sell somthing called yummy cum where thinking we might try it as I'm not to keen on the taste either

The wife Loves it, and I love it when she shares it with me, also its fantastic when I've cum in her and its mixed with her juices, and I go down on her and lap it up to share bbetween us, or she uses her fingers to do the sharing mmmmmm!!!!!