Doxy Wand

So we already have a wand; albeit a freebie that came with an order from another site. The power from the mains is amazing, and has been enough to excite our interest into 'getting a decent one'

Reason being, this freebie has a rough head, presume is some sort of toughened plastic; but we'd like sometthing with a smooth silky head.

Doxy looks great; but can anyone recommend a wand; or tell us what sets the Doxy apart from one of LH's own, or the smaller Tracey Cox that's down to £20 in the current sale. Am like a kid in a sweetshop and don't know where to start...

Hi there, it can be a bit overwhelming with so much choice on here - lol. The best thing to do is to have a read through of the reviews on the products you are interested in. They should be able to help you make a decision on what is the best wand for you :) x

I'm awaiting delivery for a Doxy, had 2 LH wands, but now want something with a smooth head as Idislike the ridges and the scroll button especially after having the Tracey Cox one. The TC wand is great for travelling but not as strong as mains powered wands.

Lovehoney's Jess answered about the difference between the Doxy and the Lovehoney mains powered wand here:

If money was no object, I'd go for the original Doxy. The Die Cast is gorgeous to look at but I don't think that justifies the price jump. I had the Lovehoney mains powered wand and it numbed me out so easily. If you are prone to being numbed, that might not be the best one for you.

It really depends on what is more important to you. How much power do you need/want? Would you prefer something more portable or is power more important? If you want something at a reasonable price, there are lots of options. If you want the best on the market (according to a lot of people, although everyone is different) and see it as an investment, it might be worth paying for the Doxy.

Power is definitely high on the list, but if the same power exists in a USB rechargeable (unlikely though?) then that would be preferable.

As for the material of the head, was looking at the LH ones; they seems to be plastic rather than silicone, but still look smooth? What about the Doxy - what material is the head?

I know I can always buy a Doxy and return, but would rather lean on tthe first-hand experience of you lovely bunch than create work for the returns team. ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Ooo, just seen the link; thank you Friday13!

Aluminium head and motor in the head. I think I might be sold!!!

Love when my OH puts a glass plug in me, and holds the head of her wand against the base. Instant melt!

I don't actually have the Doxy, I've just spent ages reading every review I can find and trying to talk myself out of thinking I need it. It hasn't worked 😂

Taken from the Doxy site: The soft head covering is made from a hypoallergenic medical grade non-porous PVC that is free from latex or undesirable phthalates.

I have both the white Lovehoney mains powered wand and the doxy. In my opinion there is no contest.....the doxy wins hands down.

It's much more powerful than the Lovehoney wand, it's vibrations are deep and rumbly as apposed to the rather buzzy ones of the Lovehoney. The head of the Lovehoney wand is a very hard and unforgiving plastic, the doxy is much kinder and softer. The head of the doxy is completely smooth, the Lovehoney wand has ridges which can be difficult to clean. The level of power in the Lovehoney wand is controlled by a wheel which often gets caught unintentionally, the doxy has easy to operate and locate buttons. (The head of the doxy does heat up during use but I find this just turns me on even more)

I can orgasm from the Lovehoney wand fairly easily but the doxy drives me mad......over and over again every time without fail x

Thank you both; I think I've made my decision ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

Now to scrimp & save!!

Ooooh, just one more question (in the voice of Columbo)

I see there are wand attachments; will any of these fit the doxy?


The Doxy is currently the most powerful mains powered wand on the market (even more powerful than the Hitachi these days!) So it is a very good one to go for. I also find the vibrations travel really well 

If power is what you're after don't waste your time with the Tracey Cox wand you'll be left disappointed

I actually have a couple of bullet vibes which are more powerful than the Tracey Cox wand. It was the first wand type vibe that I bought and it seemed great at the time but I've since moved on to bigger and better things and I actually can't remember the last time I played with it. I suppose the only thing in its favour us that it is much smaller and lighter x

Well, our new addition to the family was put through its paces last night.... Wow! Just wow!!!!

I also grabbed the suction cup attachment in the sale, so it's my turn tonight. My bum is scared and excited all at once!!

Good you are happy Squid! I bet you will have loads of fun 😉

Aww haha glad you enjoy it!!

Does the doxy wand have a memory function? As I remember during my last session between orgasms I had turned the wand off then on again for another round. And when I turned it on it was at the speed I had it last set to? Which is absolutely fine and perfect and adds a bonus to an already awesome toy..

Ive re read the details on the page and it doesn't mention about the memory function, if it does have one then I think it's worth adding to the product discription ?

Not that I've noticed, I'll check later on, was planning on making the Doxy my next review :)

Always like to review a toy immediately after playing with it XD

I can't depend on my memory as I was in between orgasms and might have imagined it lol!

let me know if yours does. Aunt Flo is visiting at the moment so I cannot play 😫