Dreamlover 2000

An electronic control device for your man. Its a remote control electric shock to the genitals, ideal for training. Would lovehoney possibly be selling these when they finally get round to manufacturing them? It fits to your cb2000 or cb 3000, I'm sure many submissive men and dominant women would love this sort of remote control. I know i'd love to be fitted with one.

Hiya Smackneill - thanks for pointing out this product. I have contacted the manufacturers today and have requested some further information. If the price is right and the demand is high enough then we will certainly consider stocking it on LoveHoney - it would be a great addition to the range. In the meantime we have plenty of other Electro Sex Toys to keep you happy until the release of the Dreamlover 2000!

Just heard back from the manufacturers. They are going to release the product in the US to begin with before looking to Europe and the UK. To release the product in the UK they have to have a CE mark Certification which take time and money. We will keep in touch with them and as soon as the product is available in the UK we will make sure we have stock.