Dry spell ☹️

I have definitely been going through a dry spell (not literally!). I have been overwhelmed with a new job, children, parents, illness, complications and general life :roll_eyes:

So I have decided that a way to reconnect with the husband would be to have sex every night unless one of us is absent (he works nights sometimes) or we’re really poorly.
Not just saying no because we’re tired but sit doom-scrolling.
Not saying no because we can’t be bothered (he’s not been snipped yet and I’m not having any more babies. Condoms are a faff and a barrier sometimes).
Not saying no because it’s the ‘easier’ option etc etc

Sometimes I need to remind myself that climaxing actually helps me sleep better and relieve all the stress of the day.

Anyone else feel like this sometimes? Or done something similar? Hoping this will spice things up as well!

Wish us luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::star_struck:


We did this :heart:
Once I opened up about my past and he got me in therapy, it was time for us to learn and grow, and we did this for 2 years lol
We were happier, more in tune, and really loved up.
It was fun too! Plus I’m the process I lost 7 stone :joy::joy::joy:


Good to read you’re being proactive, it’ll not be long before yous are racing each other to the bedroom!

If you need any help with things to try, have a look at the Carnal calibration quiz.

I’ve never found condoms to be a dampener. I have them sitting beside my bed, and it’s on in about 15 seconds and in that time the eye contact is heady. Make it a part of your sex, put it on yourself , make it fun.


I mean losing weight would be an absolute bonus! :laughing:

I feel like we’re in a rut, disconnecting and something needs to change.

We live in a multigenerational household so I’ve been rewatching ‘how to build a sex room’ and have started incorporating some of the ideas and suggestions in our room.

Hopefully it will work!


I think they’re only a faff because we live in a multigenerational home. So if we’re out in the garage together it’s like :poop: we forgot the condom. Can’t leave them on the side because the small would definitely be inquisitive :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

I’ll take a look at the quiz, thanks!

We’re just in a rut at the moment and I need to get out of it.

Smallest one has lots of health issues too so with everything going on it’s just meant I’ve abandoned ‘us’ and I want to reconnect :heart:


We’re trying again now.
We’ve had a rubbish few years, with my camming, family finding out, blackmailing me, and loosing all our family and friends, it’s been tough.

But it worked first time round, so def gonna try again x


@Justthetwoofus2007 I’m so sorry to read all that! You have each other and that’s always worth a second try :heart: hope it goes well for you! Keep me updated :blush:

I can’t believe your family tried to blackmail you! That’s awful! I can’t get my head around that :flushed:

Has your relationship with other half always been strong? Even through camming? Xx

We were always strong, camming really took its toll, and it damaged what we had.

I became someone else, I spent most of my days playing a completely different woman, and it spit us, it’s not easy.

I was banned by my web site in December, I dared to moved groups to earn more money, best thing to ever happen to me.

Im still working, but I’m not glued 16 hours a day, snd I earn 100% of what I earn.

I am now spending time with him more, I’m in counselling, and I really working on my communication skills, and I’m hoping we can get back to our happy place.

Sex is important to us, but money got in the way.
So we started again Saturday, x


No dry spell for us. Just old age. We’re both in our 70’s now and we’re determined to make use of every second of our time together so she has at least one orgasm every day and, on the days when we don’t have the grandkids we have sex of some sort.

No excuses!

If we’ve got the day to ourselves then we have sex.


@Delightful87 That is a great idea and you should be congratulated for trying this. As you said live just gets in the way and you do have to work on the relationship/sex. Every day is very ambitious and I wish you good luck. Please let us know how things go.

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@Justthetwoofus2007 that sounds like it’s been really hard work! Good for you for not letting everything ruin your relationship.

It must have been incredibly hard and quite a lonely place at times. I am so proud of you!

Life is so difficult for so many of us and money, unfortunately, does make the world go round. It’s hard to not chase more of it!

Sending lots of hugs to you and new beginnings :heart::heart::heart:


@rockstar :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: idols! Proper relationship role models there.

Love that you make time for each other every day. That’s awesome :heart:
This is what I want to try. I know it won’t work out 100% for us due to poorly children, work, general life but just to try is a step in the right direction for us.

Such a positive story, thank you!

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@steve19 thank you. I know every day is very ambitious but I also know it won’t work out 100% due to life, poorly children, work etc etc but just to try is a step in the right direction for us.

I’m hoping it will spice things up a bit too! Things have gotten a bit ‘same-y’ so I am hoping this will change things :heart_eyes::crossed_fingers:

Will try to update every now and then :heart:


Been there done that- I feel it would be better to get your man snipped - I had mine done a few years after the children arrived and never looked back as it’s safe to have a quickie and no faff over using condoms


@spanking_for_fun exactly this! I have told him we need to sit and make an appointment together. We do not want any more children so it makes sense!
I have done a lot of research for him and now we need to get on with it!
Just the faff of it really annoys me :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Sounds like an excellent plan.
Well done on both of you addressing a problem like this.
We often say no, as it’s easier or we will fall asleep watching Tv.
I would love to use this in our relationship, but I am way more keen on this than the wife is.

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I was snipped 35 years ago , best and easiest thing to do ever ! No more overcoat for willie ! Spontaneity and feelings are so much better .

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@Bonzo2020 I just feel it is the best way for us to reconnect and bring the spark back. I’m very sexual (funny that!) and all the amount of talking and walks etc just wouldn’t cut it.

Different strokes for different folks and all that!

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@Oldman thats exactly what I’m hoping for! I hate the lack of spontaneity!! I’m a very spontaneous person and this really frustrates me :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Defo think climaxing helps lift some of the tensions and stresses of the day :relieved: