Dry spell ☹️

Absolutely @AJSTAR! I always sleep better after a decent orgasm :heart: even better when it’s the OH who has stimulated :heart_eyes:

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Quick update:

So far so good. Even with hubby working nights we’ve managed to have sex or sexual contact every day.

Some manic and frantic, others longer and more sensual.

Long may it continue!


That is great news @Delightful87 I’m really pleased things are going so well, Are you having to instigate it every time or is it 2 way. I bet he is delighted either way.

He’s been on nights this week @steve19 so it’s been a lot of me initiating as he actually needed to sleep occasionally :rofl:
He’s home next week then on nights the following week so it’ll be less of me initiating!

Course he loves it, who wouldn’t :rofl: but he has played hard to get at the same time! Cheeky f*cker!


Good luck with it, it sounds like you both are enjoying the experience @Delightful87