Eating your own cum

Hey :star_struck: you may want to search :flashlight: cum eating in the forum bar. It’s cropped up a bit recently and several threads running and plenty you may find some views on. :sunglasses::+1:


Eating Pineapple is always said to be a good thing for cum. I personally haven’t tried it as I kinda gag at the thought of eating any bodily fluids :see_no_evil:

You and me both.

Except wierdly, the thought of licking vagina has the opposite effect… :thinking:

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I love it cleaning my own load from my wife boobs and pussy or be cumkissed by her. I is a big turn on for both of us.
The tip I can give is just do it and each time it will get easier.

For me the trick was to do it at the right moment, when your not yet completely done orgasming directly go down on her. When I your to late the urge goes away because the thought of it doens’t sound so hot anymore. But each time I clean up, i am ready for a second round in an instant

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Haha yeah! Think when in the moment and the rush of endorphins, it makes us feel like we can do anything then soon as that plummets your then like omg ewww what have I just done :rofl:

I dated a woman whose fetish was the cum kiss. It was a sexy idea, which we did about eight times in all. Yummy!

This is my ultimate taboo / fetish at the moment for moi.
Not quite sure how to incorporate fully into play with my FWB but will come up with a cunning plan whilst I’m working away.

It’s a borderline humiliation / blurring expected gender boundaries which seems to be the major appeal and gets me horny.

Any tips or guidance from any of the good folks here about how they’ve approached it with their partners?

Wow! That was a long read. Many diverse fantasies, experiences, desires, and turn offs. Given that I will refer back to the original post…

My fantasy for years was to have my partner ride me whole tied on my back spread eagle until I was done then ride my face until they were done. Always seemed to talk my way out of it.

Years later exploring bisexuality I had no issue giving a happy finish but I was still arroused at the time. I didn’t like the whole snowballing thing, but that has to do with not liking kissing a guy.

My wife being post menepausal, I am on my own. Thought about tasting my own cum for several more years. Eventually worked through the process a few times and now its no big deal. That being said, there is a process but it doesn’t take long.

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Found that eating my own sperm is the ultimate closing to a masturbation session!