Eating your own cum

Sometimes we role play especially if i haven’t come for three or four days.On the morning she will “milk” me into a condom producing a nice load which she then puts into the fridge.Later in the evening she will go out to the kitchen and reappear a few minutes later dressed in heels,stockings and skimpy knickers but no bra.The come will be running down her boobs and some smeared on her face.She will then tell me she has been a naughty girl and got carried away with two guys at a club and they had done all sorts of perverse things to each other.She will act all sad and ask if i still love her to which i reply of course.“Prove it”.The next few minutes of cleaning her up as she describes her acts of depraved adultery are simply amazing.We both love come games so much.


This seems to always be a popular topic and there are many different discussions on it but it always seems to be two view points. One group is into it and comfortable while another finds it arrousing but then backs out after orgasm. One other suggestion for those trying to work toward this goal… don’t reach for a towel right away.

Try ejaculating while wearing some slippy type undies. Lycra, satin, even latex all come to mind and then leave it be. Go make a coffee, pour a pint, or load the dishwasher. Another option is to ejaculate into a very small glass like a shot glass and then dump it on various body parts like top of chest, closed lips, even top of head. The gel like consistancy quickly breaks down and becomes like water. If left to dry a thin residue will be left behind. All super easy to clean up with a quick shower or on laundry day. This may get you closer to actually consuming it for the first time.

Based on my personal experience, once you get past the first couple of times it’s no big deal.

Wow, that a hot idea! I’ve been fantasizing about cleaning another man’s cum from my wife lately with out actually inviting a third in. This would work great! Thanks


My wife has jerked me into my own mouth and face. Not much we don’t do and I always clean my mess.


@Dearcouple48 I was able to give another male oral well before I was willing to lick my own cum from my partner for two reasons. Taste at the back of the tongue isn"t as pronounced as the tip but more importantly, I was still arrosed and hadn’t reached orgasm. If my suggestions help that is great. It was a bit of a go between process for me personally of just getting more comfortable with it. Just don’t let it get in your eyes because that stings. I will guaranty that if you get to the point of being willing to go down after ejaculation it opens whole new world of possibilities.


One more point @Dearcouple48 … to try the polar opposite read this thread…

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So im just curious. Im a female. And havent been able to acquire a taste for it. Is there something special yoj guys are doing to make it taste good?


Taste good might be a stretch compared to aquired taste if that makes sense. Diet can certainly alter taste but not a road I wanted to explore. My experience is that taste is much less further back on the tongue as opposed to what one may see it porn. I also found that after tasting it a few times it became much easier to accept providing not too long of a time passed between sessiond. With a bit of repeat practise it’s no longer difficult to choke it down (literally).

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Eat a lot of fruit,works for me.

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I love eating my own sperm!

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Love the taste of mine I also love to snowball with OH

Was it an aquired taste?


My experience was the same. Pardon the pun but the first few times were the hardest. Between the sudden loss of arousal and the taste I had to really push through to try it. After 3 or 4 times it was no longer a big deal. Still not something I go looking for either solo or with a partner but completely comfortable with it if it’s of interest at any given time.

I dated a woman who loves cocks and cum. She wanted to suck me off and have me come in her mouth so she could snowball with me. I was fascinated by this. I did it, and she loved it. So did I.

Did you like it first time trying it? My first time snow balling was with another male and I didn’t like it. After a few times with a female partner I started to get into it a bit more. Still prefer the cream pie situation more.

I liked it. I think the experience was enhanced mainly by the fact that it was her idea. I’ve tasted it several times before and since, and it’s hit-and-miss. If my diet is shaky, it’s reflected in the flavor and consistency. I hooked up with a guy whose cum was sweet, and I commented approvingly and it turns out he had just eaten a salad laced with sweet vegetables.