Email discount code

Hey all! I got a discount code for 25% of when you spend £25 emailed to me this morning (was very pleased to get it!!) and it looks like one that would've gone to lots of people. My link or typing in the code gives me a message saying code isn't found.
Everyone else's work?

says "sorry we cannot find that code" for me too :(

It's working OK for me... I don't have money to spend... But it's working :(

It's working for me, and I just clicked Subby's link and that worked too xx

I clicked his link and it doesn't work!! I don't understand.... :-(

that link works for me now, but didnt before.

Working for me.
It could be like the problem a few of us were having with the lingerie blowout one. If you are on your phone, Try turning your wifi off and use 3g instead. This worked for a few of us the other day :-)

It's working for me too using Sub's link... No money to spend though :(:(

Mine works. Means I'm spending money later.... TC Rabbit will be mine!
Talk to live chat if its still having none of it.

Awesome. It's working now. Thanks all! I've been wanting the sport sheets door sex swing kit so looks like a good chance to get it without husband being too annoyed! Yay!!

Though I did think that TC rabbit looked good too... So hard to choose!!

Works for me.
Also works with the lingerie blowout stuff!

Worked for me, bought some things in my wish list, I've been waiting a while to afford them but this has helped, bet it has prompted lots of sales of more expensive items.

Don't know where my pictures gone!

It's workimg for me. I woke up and checked my email and got all excited because omg 25% off and I've been dying to get the we-vibe 4 plus but then I remember that oh yeah, I literally have 36 cents on my account right now. Damn it.

It always surprises me how quiet the LH staff are on threads like this!!

Cheap&Easy wrote:

On wifi, nope
Off wifi, nope
On laptop, nope.

Never mind. :(

If you speak to Live Chat, they can probably put the order through for you with the disount? xx

This has made my day. It's working! AND ON SALE ITEMS. Bought this baby that I've been wanting for a while ahead of the OH's birthday next week!!

I was sent a similar discount e-mail and that didn't work either.

I sent a message to the customer care dept, and they replied with :-

"You could place your order and just send us the order code with the offer email and we'll be happy to apply the discount for you".

So all is not lost.

This is very weird cause its worked for me, straight away no problem about an hour ago (unless they fixed it now?), Shame i cant use it and get the Mustang a little before my birthday, damn it!