Erotic Asphyxiation

I want to be a sex therapist and researched alot into erotic asphysxiation and wondered if anyone has tried it and would like to discuss.

Never tried it -- got a phobia of being strangled. I personally think hanging upside down is a much more sensible approach (gives you the same benifits in sensation without the dangers).

Thanks Miss-Normer for your reply.

I agree with Miss-Nomer the hanging upside down is good, an ex of mine was into the Asphysxiation, but to be honest it scared the shit out of me! NEVER again!!!

sorry but that's not for me..all the thing's that could go wrong....sorry but with you on this one jessie78...

i think if it is to b done there needs to b limits... know how far you can both go, my fella likes me to do it with his neckalace but i only do it for a few seconds at a time, that way i know hes not gonna pass out

the choices i made befor i was a mother are not the choices i make now, i'll do nothing that endangers me

WTF we are talking about strangleing our partners while having sex... :S
It seems just a little strange to me... what is even sexy about that??
I am intrested what people get out of it.. so if any one can tell me I would be dead pleased :P ^_^
Not for me though not at all.

my partner likes to places both hands on my throat but i like to feel his strenth but he would never stop me breathing i would be to scared to go that far and as a mum i wouldnt but my self in harms way


just shown my bloke wot you have wrote and his answer is....
it's me being dominant,?, not to sure if thats the truth tho.. i always am!! hehe

What people get out of it:
~restriction of oxygen can heighten the pleasure of orgasm, but (as I sort of mentioned in my first post), hanging upside down has the same effect.
~and I'm sure some people get off on the visual effect and the dominance, or the act of submitting themselves to another person that much.

bizzarely according to an article in Cosmo a while back drinking a high sugar drink such as coke or pepsi 20 mins befor hanging upside down hieghtens that headrush

Cool thanks for your replies guys still interested in anyone elses thoughts

Ok I think I have it the lack of oxygen makes it better... that explains why my swex life is so great then.. im a server asthmatic and most of the time I can breath so perfect... so I guess the lack of oxygen makes my sex life brill lmao...
I dont kniow though about submitting myself to my hubbys will or even me having that much power over him..even though i know it doesnt reflect as you are weaker in your relationships.
Maybe I'm not as open as I thought I was :S
You guys seem very happy doing what you do so keep it up!!

I went out with a guy years ago who was into this, he tried it on my one night without warning and got a smack in the mouth and to say the least wasn't my boyfriend anymore... but after the break up, once I had calmed down, we still talked surprisingly and he said it is the domination aspect of it all, he was a little odd to say the least, but he said he got a major kick out of holding someones life in his hands while having sex with them, and if he had a willing partner who liked to be strangled, which he reconed he had had on occasions.. then the sex was amazing for him and his partner also, he followed that with it's great once they pass out you can do what you like to them... now I am no Freud but to me that sounds like it goes into the realms of necrophilia.

Not for me and I think I had a luck escape!!

OK, well there are several techniques - obviously strangulation is dangerous! it can crush the windpipe, cause long term damage and kill by mistake. The neck is too delicate. However I am into mild asphixiation and on rare occasions play with 'buddy breathing' where 2 people breath as one with their mouths sealed to each others - this allows in air through the nose and only restricts oxygen intake a bit - enough to get the rush. I would only do this with my very well trusted long term partner.

I should have a fear as my first ex did strangle me once - not during sex or violently - just to see if he could make me pass out - which I did and it was horrible! Maybe that is why I like it and my way? I am in complete control of it and can stop it at any time instead of living with the nightmares of being strangled.

I wouldn't recommend asphyxiation play to people as it is a big danger zone! I am a very kinky and also damaged being and I will only buddy breath or have stuff placed over my neck without any preasure at all. Remember the rules - safe, sane and consensual.

And madmigz - your ex is probably going to kill somebody some day. Making a person pass out like that causes brain damage, there have been several cases of this leading to death and they tend to end up in the news.

Yes Miss Kitty I totally agree with you, I was quite young when I knew him, and he was a bit older than me and it scared the wotnot out of me, like I say a lucky escape, goodness knows where he is now, but he was a bit of a head case!!

Yes you did have a very lucky escape. The was a man in the papers recently strangled a woman and had the same fantasies as your ex... it's not the first time it has happened, one man a few years ago accidently killed his partner too with consensual strangulation. Dangerous game with very saddening results

I still dont see the atraction to being strangled :S
My brother told me his ex wanted to be choked from behind with a belt :O eewwy I asked if he did it and he said no way and he left her that day... I think she freaked him out,
Imagine if he had and he went too far without knowing :S
Be careful guys we dont want to be a cadet down now do we?

We agree again....being strangled...neither loving or sexy...just freaky and quite risky I would think!