erotic fiction forum

There used to be a forun called erotic fiction on here where would be writers post theit stories. Where has it gome?

LH decided to remove that section because it was so hard to moderate in terms of what was too explicit and what was alright and the time needed to read all of it.

This is from the official announcement:

Hi everyone,

After much debate and discussion it has been decided that we will no longer have an Erotic Fiction section of the forum and this will be removed in the next week.

I know this won't be a popular decision with everyone but the decision has not come lightly and we feel it's for the best.

The reason we've decided to remove this section of the forum is because it was originally intended as a place for members to discuss books they'd read and recommend good erotic fiction for others - like a book club. Somehow over the years, it's transformed into a place to submit your own stories.

Because the Erotic Fiction section is used as a creative platform it's very difficult to moderate. Firstly, the time it takes for one of us to read an entire story can take a long time, and this takes us away from other important jobs we need to be doing. In addition because story writing is art, there are a lot of 'grey areas' when it comes to our rules. It's impossible for us to apply our standard community rules to this section of the forum. Rather than write a whole set of new rules for one section of the forum, we've decided to remove this section of the forum.

We will replace the 'Erotic Fiction' section of the forum with an 'Erotic Book Club' thread which will belong in the 'Off-topic and Games' section of the forum.

Thread here:

Three of the regular writers can/could be found on these blogs.

Hi there, Have a read though this thread which explains everything :) x

Ooops, sorry Rose Hip, I didn't see you had already posted this link Hun xx