Hi all,

Anyone use or used estim devices?
How did you find it and were you able to achieve HFO?

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Not sure what these are - can you let us know what this is

Also welcome to the club :lovehoney_heart:

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I used one like you would use for back pain with the pads. Put one on glans and other at base. I did cum hands free.

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Ive used one on SO. It was a “normal” one for back pain. Basically put the pads on her thighs as close to her pussy as possible. Draw a line between each pad and that essentially the path of the “electricity”.

Mine came with an explicit warning to never have the path across the chest as it could disrupt heart function. Im not about to test it that is true.

I’ve got a wand that is for use on the face, I think its supposed to shock the collagen awake. We use that in fun places. @astrocell there are already a few threads on Estim if you use the search function you’ll find more peoples experiences.

@batjamboree its electo-stimulation, think a Tens machine for sex.

I have an Electrastim set with a butt plug and cock rings.

The butt plug is interesting. As it pulses it causes the anal muscles to contract then relax which pulls the plug in and out. It’s like being gently pegged.

The cock rings are even better. One fits around the base of my penis and my balls, the other fits around the glans. My wife operates the controls and varies the intensity and pulse patterns keeping me right on the border between pain and pleasure.
Sometimes she sets it up then has me wearing it around the house.

I bought mine with my birthday bonus when it was on offer. I don’t regret the purchase at all.

Got one with a butt plug, cock rings and urethral sound rod, can feel nice.

How is the sounding rod?. I would try that

This is my review of the Estim KIX beginner kit. It is a unique sensation. The kits aren’t cheap and I can’t justify upgrading to one of the much more powerful ones but the KIX kit I have does the job and if you have sufficient discretionary income they’re certainly a fun thing to try. The review contains my experience using it.

Feels “quite nice” you have a butt plug up your bum the other electrode is the sound(you can have a ring round your base of cock or round cock and balls) the more you remove it the more intense, just dont remove altogether or you’ll get zapped, you’ll enjoy if you you it, bought mine from a well known Chinese auction/selling site