Extended wear toys

i have been trying to do some research on the best long term wear toys, especially buttplugs and have a couple questions i just can’t seem to get a definitive answer on.
i have found that the best shape for a buttplug that is going to be worn extensively is a lollipop shape, thin long neck and bulbous head but i can’t see many of these on lovehoney. i love the feeling of metal as i have this plug:
which is 5" in girth which i can take after warming up, needs very little lube and just feels so much more slick than my silicone plugs. i believe that it is possibly too short (or stumpy rather) so isnt ideal for long periods of time. length isnt really a problem for me so my main problem i am having is finding something around the 5" girth that is metal or glass which has a long thin neck but still has a head which fills you up. i dont know, maybe i am being wayyyy too specific but thought i better hit the forum and see what the experts have to say!
what i am currently looking at is the b-vibe range, unfortunately they are WAY out of my price range and are silicone so not perfect but here is the links:

large: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/product.cfm?p=38785
XL: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/product.cfm?p=44194

i have found this glass one: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/product.cfm?p=32887 which seems really awesome but i am wondering if the neck is too large for extended use and may be bad for my bum? also the rose bud plugs look really really nice but wondering if they have the same problem.
i have seen the booty buddy posted often as a good long term plug but i feel as though it won’t stay in as i have the curve cruiser and it doesnt stay in at all.

i have found that the majority of people say go for silicone due to its flexibility, i just find it very frictiony compared to metal so figured i would be better and enjoy it more with metal or glass.

and lastly, are there any other toys other than buttplugs/prostate massagers that can be long term worn for men? that is just for my own curiosity.

just a couple side notes which i feel like i may need to add for clarification:
i completely understand that glass cannot be thin at the neck but wouldve thought there would be something in metal which could do this (in the b-vibe kind of shape).
i am somewhat experienced in wearing buttplugs for long periods i have done 6 hours or more and have never had problems.
my lube i am looking at using is the fist it water based lubricant.
i am located in aus so i believe i can only order from lovehoney.com.au so i have limited options such as this plug: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25809 which seems pretty perfect but not available in aus.

my current plugs are:
metal large lovehnoey butt plug: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/product.cfm?p=40512
doc johnson mood naughty butt plug: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/product.cfm?p=21229
Jelly rancher rippled butt plug: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/product.cfm?p=33016

i absolutely appreciate anyone who is able to help or has anything to say on the problem!!!

I can’t help much with any other plug suggestions but the b vibe ones are definitely worth the price especially if you have lovehoney unlimited discount. (the silicone is really silky soft so we’ve had no issues wearing them for several hours)
There is the doc Johnson one which is similar but again silicone and only seem to have the smallest one (which is really small)


Metal wise we’ve only been comfortable wearing the njoy ones for a period of time due to the base and neck shape but they’re even more expensive then the b vibe snug plugs and I find them less comfortable if sitting etc.

There is this glass one which may be comfortable as has a smaller neck
But I can’t personally recommend as I don’t use glass plugs but it’s a similar shape to the njoy ones

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thanks so much for your input @Llyahl

That’s good to know you like the b-vibe plugs for long-term use. I love the doc Johnson plug (I actually have had it in all day) but I find it so small you can easily forget it’s there.

The njoy plugs are very nice it’s just such a shame about the price tag. Both the njoy plug and the icicles glass plug are something I haven’t considered but they do look very nice and are a material I love. I’m just not so sure how the base would go with sitting down or even protruding through clothing when out of the house. Have you had any experience with this?

I will likely just have to start saving for a b-vibe plug. I love the size and shape of them. Do you have any trouble when inserting? The really long head makes me wonder if I’ll struggle with a larger size as I can currently fit a 5 inch girth but the XL is a 5.25 inch and the large is a 4.75, I cannot decide which to settle on.

Thankyou again for your help!

The njoy style ones are less comfortable when sitting compared to the flexible t bar bases but I find them manageable enough but then I’ve plenty of cushioning there! So it may be completely different if you’re quite slim.

With the b - vibe insertion is fine just hold it by the neck initially, I don’t think it made much difference size wise once inside so go with whichever you feel more comfortable with especially if wearing for a length of time.

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Yeah I’m pretty small so that’s good to know! Thanks for your help :))) I think I’ll look into the b-vibe and possibly a glass or metal one for shorter periods.

Perhaps a cock cage?


oh wowee @Ian_Chimp that could be an idea! i will have to look into them and see what their go is. i really know nothing about them.
what is the main reason someone would purchase one of these?
i am thinking that possibly having prostate stimulation while having the cage on could be good but am unsure of what would happen when i inevitably become hard.

It’s not something I’ve tried myself, but I have been following that topic as it’s really interesting. :slightly_smiling_face: I think there are a couple of main people that update, and a selection of members with some experience chip in at times too. It’s definitely worth a read. And I’m sure @Senator and @rockstar will answer any questions you’ve got if you ask them in there. :+1:

that makes me feel better knowning someone else is in my position! ill have to search out the topic and maybe even post a couple questions if i have them after doing some reading! thanks so much :smile:

No worries. :slightly_smiling_face: And you can just click on the quote header above and it’ll take you right there. :+1:

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oh perfect! its right there. thankyou very very much how easy. im still getting the hang of the new forum sorry :slight_smile:

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I use this quite a lot - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33174
It’s great to have on for long periods as it has a nice weight to it and you can feel it moving about.
I can quite happily go about my day with this in place.


Oh wow this is an interesting one. Do you stay hard the whole time you’re using it?
I have a double cock ring but have never thought of using it for long periods because of the possibility of it cutting off circulation and doing damage. But if that’s not a problem I will definitely look into it and give it a try!

Its different than a rubber/stretchy cock ring in that it doesn’t restrict you all the time. I don’t stay hard all the time while wearing it but you always “know” it’s there so you come and go so to speak. The main thing is you feel it moving about because of the weight and since there is no give in it when you move you can feel it.
I also wouldn’t wear one of my rubber/stretchy rings for long periods as they are designed to restrict circulation. I think they would be uncomfortable after a while whereas I can wear the metal one all day and just go about my business. I even shower with it on.

ahh ok i see, sounds very interesting and definitely something i could benefit from trying out. im always looking for new fun and exiciting things. i must say i do seem to prefer penetrative play, though i would still love to try this!

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I initially bought the cage as a “sex toy I can wear” type item, and to that extent, it works, but it does take some getting used to -

The ring that goes behind your balls, this can begin to rub/chaffe the area and can cause discomfort and even a bit of skin pain (known as ring burn). You get used to it as well as you learn how to avoid (or at least minimise it) and it isn’t a problem except for overnight now.

Having a cage around your penis prevents erections. When you do try and become erect, your penis pushes out at the cage, forcing it away from your body and the ring around your balls pulls on them. A little is quite intriguing, a lot is quite uncomfortable and can accentuate the ring burn described above.

As for it being a sex toy that is worn, don’t get me wrong or read too much into the discomfort, its quite the buzz going about your normal day wearing a cage, shifting in your seat, walking etc with the constant reminder there is something cradling your junk is quite a turn on and feels pretty pleasant most of the time.

The real aspect to the cage is the shift in power that it can give between you and your partner. If they are into it, they can take control of the key (become your keyholder) and only allow you out of the cage when they desire.

If you were to buy it “just for playtime”, then I would think you may not enjoy it. You won’t have it on long enough to get the benefit from it (the feeling of submitting to your partner, having them in control of your arousal and orgasms and even denying you that pleasure for any length of time) and are likely to only get the downside (the discomfort of an erection trying to form in confinement).

It takes me about 3 days after orgasming to start to get that familiar tingle in my balls, where I am beginning to get horny again, the next few days is a mix of frustration from not being able to do anything about it and the rush from getting teased by my partner. Ff she wants a session just for her (or better, wearing the cage and a strap on, so I’m penetrating her in our usual positions, but its not my penis) then the rush you get from being caged and just looking after her sexually is addictive.

Longest denial period I have had is 15 days, but I am hoping she agrees to locktober, no out of cage experience for a whole month!

senator this does sound crazy! i spoke to my partner about it and had a little think and i think i am more into buttplugs and dildos for now. i am looking at getting a glass dildo and glass buttplug to update my toy stash and later on grab a b-vibe for extended use!