Chastity Play / Experiment

So just received my latest LH purchase, the Dominix Delux chastity cage. Still not exactly sure where this will all lead to, might be a part time / extended play session thing, might not be us or we may take it further. I have given her some homework to read (keyholders guide to male chastity), which will help explain things a bit. I read up a bit on it but without active participation from her, it may be a bit of a fizzer (I did show her what I was ordering and she did have a wee gleen in her eye when she realised she could control things, but sometimes the thought / fantasy is different than the reality).

I'm pleased I put it on without the added pressure of someone watching or being aroused, would have made it much worse, still felt like quite the contortionist feeding myself through the ring.

Maybe the ring is build for joe average, which fortunately for me I am as the sizing seemed spot on. Had to push through one teste at a time and then manipulate the penis through after but all fitted in quite snugly. I can still get a finger in the ring which from reading various guides seems about right. Putting on the cage I can see where being completely flacid is required. I didn't use lube but can see how it will make it easier.

The weight of the cage overall is sublime, can really feel it surrounding my bits, almost like someones cupping me gently but gravity is pulling the weight of the cage down creating quite the alluring sensation.

Will be a few hours before I see Mrs Sen so will surprise her with a reveal later on.

Really excited to see where we go in the whole journey, anxious but equally excited.


A lovely description Mr Senator. I will follow with interest. Xxx

I have two cages. I love being caged.

I wear the plastic one for longer periods (days). It is light enough to wear constantly but still makes you feel confined. I wear a metal one on those days when she will be the only one being pleasured andf I will be the one giving her the pleasure. The metal cage is her favourite as it really looks the part. I love the weight too but it is too heavy for long term use.

You will quickly get the knack of feeding everything through the loop. As you say it is easier if you are flacid. At first it can be tricky to avoid pinching some skin in the fittings but you will sort that out quickly too.


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I had it on for a good 5 -6 hours today, was quite enjoyable.

Not sure on Mrs Sens reaction when I grabbed her hand and got her to feel my crotch, she looked quite puzzled then I showed her, a little curious/surprised. Told her to read through what I sent them we can talk some more, but said that this weekend will be all about her and she will get to decide if I'm allowed release, will be an interesting first trial.

i can understand the weight thing. Fortunately I am at a desk most of the day so weight not too much of an issue, and it really isn't noticeable under clothing.

Thanks for the kind words Maturecpl, will keep this post updated.

I have read about long term wear Rockstar, might be us, might not be, not sure yet but keeping an open mind

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Thank you Senator please do. I find this fascinating. Especially from a female sub point of view. Does Mrs Senayor perform sounding on you or would you like her to. Xxx

Interesting question Maturecpl! I perform sounding on myself, not sure if i would trust someone else to do it, the thought of them accidentally doing damage frightens me!

I understand Will. It's just that sometimes this sort of thing goes hand in hand. Turning the tables. Hubby pulls below apart by my piercings held by chains and finds it easier to sound me. As a couple it's good to have total trust and it does intensify the eroticism of this kind of foreplay.

I totally understand Maturecpl, i would love to perform it on a female! In fact i took up sounding as a kind of therapy after having a pretty traumatic cystoscopy!

Oh Will. Does it help. It does slowly stretch it dosnt it. Xxx

Ps Will. Hope all is ok now xxx

Yes, it's very enjoyable! Especially the ribbed steel one! 😉

P.S. see my review!

Yes ribbed ones are really good and lovely sensitive feeling. Xx

Thanks Maturecpl, it was about 10 years ago, a minor bladder infection triggered all kinds of unpleasant and embarrassing tests due to my age, but thankfully everything was fine! I haven't used the sounds for a while, this thread has inspired me to dig them out! Thanks for jogging my memory! 😘

Your very welcome ome Will. It is a unique practice. Not everyones taste but personally I love it and the build up. Oh usually blindfolds me first but takes pics. That's a turn on for me to downtown below like that. ......... Sorry Senator I didn't mean to hijack your thread. I will shut up. Xxxxx😘


Welcome to the wonderful world of chastity. There's so many different ways to play and explore. I introduced the idea of chastity a few years back to my OH and she wasn't really into it as a long term chastity kind of thing like many folks are. She was interested in the benefits of me having a device on during sex though. Not for the teasing or delayed satisfaction, But for the benefits of me being put away while using a strapon on her, only to be released afterward.

Chastity really is a such a fun area to dive into that some people are sceptical about because all they know of is the enforced chastity that you can find on the internet, where someone is locked away for months or years at a time. But regardless of how deep you and your OH stick your toe in, have fun with it. Find out what works for the both of you. And enjoy your newfound captivity.

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Me too Maturecpl although i only enter the uretha not the bladder. But a gentle wank with the ribbed sound insrted is sublime! Sorry too Senator!

Sounding, no, not for me. I am sure that those into it find it pleasureable, but not something I can see us trying. We are into anal play (well, I am) and she will wear a strap on from time to time for pegging, perhaps this may increase if(as) she takes control and we get further into it.

Thanks Ms.D that is exactly the approach we are taking, slowly does it. I think the tricky part will be getting active participation from Mrs Sen. She is quite submissive normally in the bedroom (when I ask her if she wants any particular sexual activity, her normal response is "the usual" or "you decide" or something similar rather than a "I want you to do this to me". I am hoping by her reading the key holders guide, she will gain some confidence in chastity play and we can learn together.

I have told her this weekend (which is 3 day weekend here) is all about her, she will get to decide if/when I am released , hopefully this goes towards an enjoyment level for her and possibly brings out her controlling side (she likes order and schedules etc so she does have a controlling side).

All good Maturecpl / WillC

Cheers Senator, enjoy your weekend!

Am starting to figure out how to put it on efficiently now, had it on/off a few times this morning. First attempt farsical, mental note, testes don't like being bullied into position or being squeezed through metal loops. Feed skin through first, then when there is enough skin through the loop, push through one at a time and they simply glide through without discomfort.

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